You Will Survive the Last Days of Summer. Here’s How.

School in Oregon starts next week. The rain has come. Vacations are over. Here’s your survival plan.

1. Buy a can of Reddi Whip (you know, the spray whipped cream?). Spray it on stuff.

Use Reddi Whip liberally. MomsicleBlog

2. Throw trucks at shrubs.

The shrub will survive. MomsicleBlog

3. When the clouds part, find a local sand box and pretend it’s an island getaway. (A beach volleyball court will also work.)

This is NOT an island getaway. MomsicleBlog

4. If the clouds don’t part, throw plastic toys at snacks.

Other fruit will probably work, too. MomsicleBlog

Any additions?


Thanks to Gretchen and Marisa for beta testing items 1 and 2. 

5 responses to “You Will Survive the Last Days of Summer. Here’s How.

  1. Great tips and funny at the same time. 🙂

  2. Find some road construction. 🙂

  3. Pretend you’re deaf…seriously. Did you just whine mama for, like, 10 minutes straight because you don’t like the color of your sock? Really? Sorry, did not hear a thing.

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