“probably the raddest, not-what-you’d-expect-from-a-mommy-blog-est mommy blog I know” – Clare Marie Myers, founder, Scout’s Honor Clothing Company (she hangs out here)

I am a writer. This is my place.


this is my chaos team.


I write. I edit. I feed the gremlins. I wear big girl pants at my professional site here. My peeps and I live the dream in Portland, Oregon. I’m sarcastic, but look me in the eye: Portlandia is real. I just finished eating sustainably sourced bacon from my farmer friends before I head out to a women’s professional soccer game that I’ll be wearing my baby to, and breastfeeding my baby at without a nursing cover. People will see my boobs and not care. This is not a lie.


This is not a blog where I talk about how wonderful my kids are. K-Pants is awesome, but there is also a 100% chance he went to bed last night yelling, “YOU ARE A BAD MOM!!!” It might have been the 70th time he said that yesterday. He also goes by “The Pants” or “Mr. Potter.” K-Pants wears pink shoes, and you can read about that here and here. I love him. He’s almost six, so I should update that photo.

boy woww (formerly Baby Woww)

Boy Woww is our newest pet. He’s in preschool, but he’ll always be the newest pet because we don’t want any other pets, furry or otherwise. God, are you listening? You like to play jokes. I thought he might be a Furbie, but it turns out he’s a real boy. The reason I had kids was to swaddle them in towels with adorable animal hoods. So we’re keeping this picture. But here’s a montage of him courtesy of my sister. 

Baby Woww Has a Face. MomsicleBlog

Also, he looks awesome in a Speedo.

Baby Woww Wowza. MomsicleBlog

the fairy pig

Fairy Pig. MomsicleBlog

Remember how I said Boy Woww was our newest pet? That is not true. At this very moment, which has now passed, I am holding a baby with a “Little Sister” onesie on. God and I have this relationship where I say one thing, like “I don’t want more kids. I would break apart,” and God goes, “You should try it,” and I go,”No. nope. no. I’m stretched thin and I have a plan to stick to,” and God says, “Oh no you di’int say the p word.”  And then the plan goes out the window and I just try to hang on. So the Fairy Pig is here. She’s inspired me to do some of my best writing. Her story is a miracle and it’s over here.

Boy Woww presented the piggie with a gift. MomsicleBlog

Fang & Boca

Fang & Boca are our disco-worm finger Muppets. They’re socialists who photo bomb things.

This is where I hang out.

Well here, of course.

And you can find my writing on Believe Out Loud here. I love God. I love equality. Sometimes I wander over to The Daily Beast and write something about women’s sports. Like this.

this is where i meet my friends.

Have you had postpartum depression? Then I love you and we’re friends. Have you lost all of your dignity at the hands of a very intense child, mostly in public? Oh schizzle, we are definitely friends. Do you roll your eyes when the commercial says “Choosy moms choose JIFF”? Gurrrrl, we have the same mama. Did you choose not to have kids? Did your soul get torn apart and roughy sewn back together by infertility? Is your essence colored in permanent-marker rainbows? I love you and I will make you gluten-free, egg-free orange muffins.

I post on Momsicle at least once per week, which I try to keep to except when life rolls me over with a truck. You should sign up to get posts via email. I like email. But not enough to have the computer bots send you an email with a new post very often, so that’s good.

I welcome guest posts from fans and writers, and love to share other people’s writing on food, humor, and kid-friendly adventures. But INSERT CAVEATS.


Contact me IF you are a real human being who is slightly disheveled and not in the marketing profession.

I don’t currently have time to

  • review products,
  • post your reviews, or
  • post your content that links to your site where you’re trying to gain a worldwide following or make money.

However, good luck to you and godspeed! I hope you are wildly successful and get to retire early. I will not be retiring early, because I don’t do giveaways, accept advertising, or make deals with large, multinational companies (even small companies, for that matter). I’m kind of a blog hermit. I just like to write.

What?! You say. You promoted Scout’s Honor Clothing Company and Duck, Duck, Moose. What the F?! You caught me. But I found those things on my own and loved them on my own. So if you can find your way into my psyche through non-marketing methods, I might write about you.

28 responses to “About

  1. Hooray! I’m so glad this is online now for the rest of the world to see!

  2. Ev, you are so great with words! Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading more. GO MOMMY!!

  3. This is wonderful 😉

  4. Are you on Twitter? It’s a surprisingly good way to find other readers and other blogs you like. Kind of an interesting way to get out there.

    • I am on Twitter, and just finding my voice on it. I’m “Evshoop.” What are you? I’d love to follow to see what kind of things you post! Thanks for the suggestion!

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  6. You go girl!

  7. Weird science. I’ve never seen a blogger with the same “name” as me. I must know – how did you come up with it?! Hope the new life in Oregon is treating you well 🙂

  8. How did I not know about this site? Okay, not a mom, so that’s probably why, but Ev! This is AWESOME! This is totally going on my reading list. Thank you for adding your voice to the interwebs darling!

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  10. Evelyn,
    I absolutely love your blog. I just found it because I was looking at the Portland writers for redtri.com. Your voice is great and hilarious. I find myself thinking, “exactly!” so much of the time (especially the Beaverton posts – we moved from Boulder, CO to Bethany Village almost two years ago and we’re still transitioning into the suburban cutout). I have a blog mostly for friends and family and my own sanity (closertocore.blogspot.com) and always enjoy reading others’ words.
    Thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be following along regularly. And who knows, maybe someday our suburban paths will cross.

    Jill Douglas

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  12. Evelyn,

    I decided to check out the link on your email address. This is great work. I read some of your articles and your recipes. What can I say? I wish this had been around when I was a stay at home mom.


  13. Thanks for following me today! I love Portland and am going to have fun reading your posts about activities in the city. 🙂

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  16. jing.dipiero@fei.com

    Love reading your blog! Keep it coming.

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  18. when times are difficult, my sense of humor is first to exit – your blog is an inspiration for how to retain it

  19. Ashanna Arthur


  20. Oh, so refreshing for this Iowa person living in Republica-la-la-land in northwest Iowa.

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