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VIDEO: Spring Egg Explosion, and What Should We Call the Lifestyle Channel?

Remember that vanity lifestyle and crafts channel that Rebecca and I are working on? Well, we need a name! Options so far:

  • Pro-Create
  • Pretty Pretty Parenting

Help! We need something that captures messy, normal, non-social-media-ready life but isn’t trying too hard (because we have to pretend like we’re humble). Ideas?

While you brainstorm, here’s a belated Easter/spring craft to do with your kids!

I sent Rebecca this video of two wealthy L.A. moms laughing at themselves making blow job jokes in a million dollar kitchen while blowing eggs. I actually used this video with Boy Woww to make a blown-out egg that we now can’t find.

It’s a good tutorial when you stop yourself from getting distracted by the L.A.-ness and the size of the wedding rings. But who has time to clean their kitchen–especially when they need to contemplate how they would look with a long blonde weave and bangs and a 50-carat ring?



Belated Easter Craft for Kids Everyone Will Love!

So your holiday timing is slightly off… who cares? Pumpkins are cheapest November 1.


Make sure to send us a photo of your finished project, or a photo of yourself not doing this craft! Or just a photo of your latest batch of hard-boiled eggs in the Instant Pot. Everyone keeps saying they’re amazing.



You Will Survive the Last Days of Summer. Here’s How.

School in Oregon starts next week. The rain has come. Vacations are over. Here’s your survival plan.

1. Buy a can of Reddi Whip (you know, the spray whipped cream?). Spray it on stuff.

Use Reddi Whip liberally. MomsicleBlog

2. Throw trucks at shrubs.

The shrub will survive. MomsicleBlog

3. When the clouds part, find a local sand box and pretend it’s an island getaway. (A beach volleyball court will also work.)

This is NOT an island getaway. MomsicleBlog

4. If the clouds don’t part, throw plastic toys at snacks.

Other fruit will probably work, too. MomsicleBlog

Any additions?


Thanks to Gretchen and Marisa for beta testing items 1 and 2.