34 responses to “The Winter Almost Broke Me, and the Spring May Not Be Long Enough #PPD

  1. mariaescalante2@verizon.net

    Loved reading this post. Why? It’s so honest and really puts the reader in the experience of the writer. Felt like I had gone through your winter and the challenges you had to confront. You are really a great writer. The Pacific Northwest winters sound pretty severe. So here’s an idea, feel free to show up at our house in Jupiter any time you have a need for sunshine. You can relax and I’ll take your kids to the beach.

  2. keatlaretswe

    Thank you for your courage to share.

  3. Hi, I had postpartum psychosis and found myself in a straight jacket shoved face down into a rubber room. No joke. This happened one week after my precious only child was born in 1999. I could find NO INFORMATION about it at that time. Your blog (and mine) are important ways of communicating with others about these very real and scary conditions THAT WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER. My post is called LOCKED UP IN D.C. should you like to read it. Thank you.
    here’s the link to make it easier https://playinwiththeplayers.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/locked-up-in-d-c/

  4. I live in TN. We get 3 days of spring, 3 days of fall and the rest of the time is either freeze or fry and can be within the same 24 hours.

  5. I suffer from depression and this post is making me feel less alone. Even though what caused it is different and the symptoms, it just helps me feel reassured that there’s someone out there feeling like this too.
    I wrote very briefly about my depression on my blog post here https://thegreatambini.wordpress.com/2017/05/09/why-i-love-travelling/ and have been so afraid since I shared it to facebook as it makes you feel so vulnerable opening up about mental illness. Thanks for helping me feel less alone!

  6. I’m really glad you shared this. The past winter was really hard on me too, and I worry that the feeling of depression lifting slightly might just be a temporary response to the warmer weather. Your take on this really spoke to me, and the words you used to do so were lovely. Thank you.

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  8. Your take on this really spoke to me, and the words you used to do so were lovely. Thank you.

  9. Your story is awesome and I advise you to read my poem “The angel and the Butterfly”.. Hope it will help u out to deal with the problem…

  10. Nice one….#motivation

  11. I dread the winter time too. And the Hot Summer. I’m A Spring Fall guy. I am going to hate once may goes away. Tennessee got more rain this spring than ever before so it kept it cool but not dry. I like this post. Try to wrap up more and HOT TODDIES (old cold remedy)

  12. Get it out! All of it! I love your perspective of knowing that you won’t remember the exactness of this past winter combined with postpartum depression and their effects on you so you’re documenting it. Hindsight is either a dirty mo-fo trickster or a benevolent and loving friend in how it softens and distorts. Carry on, warrior mama.

  13. Thank you so much for your honest words. My favorite lines were ‘Family is my priority. But family had eaten all the other priorities.’
    I share my home w my husband and daughter and my parents. As I write this my mom is snoozing in her hospital bed as we wait for her discharge papers. I totally get family eating all the other priorities.
    I live in a place that gets very little snow but cloudy days do make me aware of the darkness. Some days I choose to live there. And sometimes my family pulls me out of there.
    Your post reminded me that I am not alone in ‘knowing the darkness is there.’
    Be blessed and have a restful restoring summer.

  14. Thank you for having the courage to share. Hugs to you!

  15. If winter comes can spring be far behind!

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  17. ellarosecreates

    Thank you for sharing this. I am also currently struggling through the winter/new baby blues looking for the end of the tunnel. Some days seem better than others but then there are days where you feel like you at the bottom of a well with no way out. One day I will have the balls to openly write a post about it, but for now I can take comfort in others and know I’m definitely not alone.

  18. I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing your story.

  19. Wow, I can really relate with everything you are saying in this post. I suffer from depression but not the postpartum part. Just the other day I was thinking about summer and the sun approaching and if the summer will last long enough to keep me happy until winter rolls back around. winter really has an effect on my mood and depression. There’s been a time when I didn’t get out of bed for a month and missed all my college classes. Living with depression is hard. I created my blog two weeks ago to help discouraged people or people struggling with depression to cope with it and see that there is hope in the world. While wanting to help other people, I am also helping myself with the issue in the process. That is where the name came from; chasing sunshine, because I am always chasing the sun because it means I won’t feel as depressed. I will keep you in my prayers and I hope that depression does not defeat you! God Bless

  20. Winter isn’t my favourite season either and I hope you keep that internal sunshine going all year long. Best wishes to you and your family !

  21. “But I have to write about the worst times, so that that thing doesn’t happen—the thing where ideas and dogma slowly turn personal experiences into moralistic nostalgia”

    This spoke to me so very much. Thank you.

  22. Postpartum still lingers in me. My twin sons are 4. One day, one hour at a time. Fixate on the smiles, chuck the anger into the water when they fight. Give them breaks from you–even half an hour with Thomas the Tank Engine can be enough for you to be in another room with a book, or a pen, and breathe.
    You will get through this, not just because you have to, but because you CAN. Because you do have the strength in you, and no winter will completely bury it.

  23. allthingsrightblog

    I am a doctor myself and I have seen people suffering through this.
    Depression in all forms is so common and yet it’s the least talked about. I am very happy that you shared your story so that people suffering from depression know that they are not alone and have all sorts of help to understand it in a better way

  24. To come out from the phase of depression is so difficult. You’re a real fighter. Your expression of words and experience is so beautifully shared. I really appreciate your story.

  25. Nand Kishor Lodhi

    Nice blog👍👍

  26. Such a lot of this resonates with me. A really well written and important post.

  27. mytenantdepression

    Wow! What an awesome read! I salute you for your courage to share! Wishing you the very best!! x

  28. Thank you SO much for sharing such a personal struggle. It allows other women who have been too afraid to speak up, to put a voice to it and find help. My postpartum depression didn’t last very long, but I always knew it would come. While pregnant with my 4th, I was ready for it and was NOT going to allow it this time. But come it did nonetheless. Thanks again

  29. Winters can be long and hard, I found myself in a school funk around Christmas that lasted until the beginning of March this year. After an ADD diagnoses (at twenty-three) I found myself on a prescription that helped me concentrate and significantly decreased my melancholy and anxious tendencies (somewhat by making my school work significantly more manageable) just as finals were starting. Having the sun to wake me now, for the summer months, and a job that keeps me on my toes both literally and figuratively is slowly helping to wash away the school blues, but still when people ask me how the year went I consistently reply: like riding a bike through hell.

  30. An amazing post, post partum depression needs a voice as it is so afflicting to the sufferer. It has taken great strength to bring this out into the light and your words will help support so many others suffering with this illness that just creeps up on you. Your post is an inspiration and brings hope to others as they no longer feel alone and your story will give them more understanding of this illness.

  31. You have a great story telling writing style, and it made it very engaging, simple, and honest.

  32. I was touched by this. I definitly can relate, I recently started my own blog just as a way to write about the things we are sometimes afraid to say. It’s liberating!

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