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Craigslist Missed Connections: To the Woman at the Taco Tuesday Bar in New Seasons Last Night

Remember when our eyes glowed with excitement last night? I had just gotten my hair cut, and I was feeling like the universe had my back. Then I saw the Taco  Tuesday sign: “Three soft tacos for $5.99.” Yes! I was in the middle of ordering my chicken-adobo-with-mango-salsa-and-guacamole tacos when you came out of nowhere like an angle with silver hair.

“Is this a burrito bar?!” you asked. “Yes!” I said. “And it’s Taco Tuesday! Three soft tacos for $5.99!” Your eyes sparkled when I pointed to the sign.

“I’m doing it!” you said.

“Isn’t it great?!” I said.

“Yes! Let’s do it together!” you said.

I could tell you had the soul of an excited four-year-old. It spoke to mine. We wanted to hold hands and dance to the universe’s benevolence.

How were your tacos? 

I slept in the bathroom, switching between throwing up in the toilet and the bathtub–whichever I could reach first.

I thought of you all night.

I prayed that you chose barbacoa tempeh, tomatoes, and fire-roasted salsa. Something that would spare you from the food poisoning that struck me down. If only it were the mango salsa and you chose something else!

I hope your soul hasn’t lost its glow, and that your eyes can lock with mine again.

Maybe at Whole Foods, sushi Wednesdays?