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My Resolutions So I’ll Remember Them


Creek Reflection by Boy Woww, 2018

The time for manic resolutions has passed, so I’m ready to look at what I want for the year. I don’t always make resolutions, but the past four years have been so tumultuous and transformative in that tear-you-apart-and-make-something-out-of-the-broken-pieces kind of way, that I am ready to tuck deep down into some reflection and look forward, a little bit at a time.


Start the day with a little prayer for unconditional love, seeking it for myself and giving it to others. I’m opinionated and can be abrasive. These things make it easy for me to act decisively and with confidence. They can be endearing, but also hurtful. So…unconditional love first for me (because if I can do it for myself then I can do it for others) and the things and people I love and encounter in the world.


Work toward getting stronger physically and emotionally. The years that I was pregnant with the Fairy Pig and she was an infant, one-year-old, and two-year-old have been the weakest-feeling of my life. I’ve been atrophied and exhausted. Sometimes thinking about exercise overwhelmed me. But I love to be outside and be active. Help!


Expand my freelance network, especially to include more talented women of color. I’m really proud that my freelance work is up and running… professional work was on the back-burner for six years. Now I want a rich network of bitches who are creative, thoughtful, and have great writing, web coding/design, or graphic design skills. Power is in community. If I know you, I’m coming for you. If I don’t know you, hit me up.


Get in bed before 10 p.m. and try to go to sleep at 10. Doomed to failure? All the other years say there’s no way she’ll do this!! I’m a night owl. The kids are all down by 8, but I want to do my personal writing, check in on Facebook and Instagram, snuggle up with my boo on the couch and watch mindless television, take a bath, and read a book, all before 10 p.m. My expectations are way too high, but if I don’t do all the things then life seems less fun, and when life seems gray I spiral into a depressive abyss. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to bed…

I like having these here as intentions. Failure is fine. But if I put them out in the universe, then maybe they’ll come back to me abundantly… who knows. I would love to hear an intention of yours, because it helps me grow.  


Inspiration for 2014 in 5 Powerful Words

I shared on Facebook that I chose not to have resolutions this year. Instead, just a word:


Other friends and readers shared their words: Confidence, Faith, Kindness, and Balance. These are very powerful for me–particularly Perseverance. (Thank you Clare Marie, MaryJo, Anne, and Jodi!)

This two-year-old and four-year-old age combo has been very challenging, and we’re trying to sell our apartment in New York that has been losing us all kinds of money for years. We’ve been trying to solve that problem for a year-and-a-half. So resolutions like “exercise more” or “eat healthier” or “do creative activities with kids” just don’t cut it. For me 2014 all comes down to:

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

My dear friend Lauren happens to be a very talented graphic designer, and turned our 2014 words into gorgeous stamps. If you are moved like I was, cut these words out as a bookmark, or pin them to your cubicle, or tape them to your mirror.

Or if you want to stamp something powerful on your own blog or webpage, copy an image and install it as a widget [directions at end]. Just credit laurenvasil.com. Let’s live boldly together in 2014!

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

And here’s the set that I used on Momsicle, here at the right on the main page.

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

Courtesy LaurenVasil.com

How to install an image on your WordPress blog or website.

  1. Click on an image.
  2. Copy the URL of the webpage the image is displaying in.
  3. Go to your “Dashboard” and click “Appearance” on the left-side menu.
  4. Under the Appearance choices, click “Widgets.”
  5. Under “Available Widgets,” find “Image,” and drag it over the right into one of your widget areas. Perhaps, “Primary Widget Area.”
  6. Copy the URL from step 2 into the “Image URL” blank.
  7. Under caption, or in one of the other text spaces, credit laurenvasil.com. (I just made the images link to her site, but we’re friends, so I’m totally comfortable with this :)).
  8. Click “save” in the Image widget.

Hopefully that will take care of you! Here’s to 2014! Muah!