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The Little Surrealist and His Poet Mentor Collaborate

Emojis are Boy Woww’s jam. And Red Hots, and the imaginary friends crew.

He plays soccer for the snacks. He calls headphones, “the listeners.” He’s the half-sized Most Interesting Man in the World.

He wants to send an explosion of visual detritus to your phone. Recently he emoji-bombed my friend Jenny, who is a talented poet and Boy Woww’s life coach.

Emoji symphony. MomsicleBlog


“These are ALL THE EMOJIS,” she replied. To which Boy Woww responded:

Love hang loose camel. MomsicleBlog

Jenny dug it. She was “headed to work” (which to me meant that she was either going to write poetry, exercise wolf-dogs, ride through the San Diego hills on her retired thoroughbred, or teach future poets–Jenny always has a cloud of romantic mystery about her), and would translate his emojis into a poem later and send it back.

Boy Woww let out a short burst of five-year-old maniacal laughter.

Maniacal laughter. MomsicleBlog

“That’s cwayzy,” he said. Takes one to know one.

Here it is.

Emoji Poem

a collaboration between Jenny Minniti-Shippey (poet) and Boy Woww (muse)

Emoji symphony. MomsicleBlog

Balloons! Party! Balloons make a party and the party is better with balloons!

Send a love letter and an alarm to mailboxes in switzerland and northern ireland maybe and maybe that’s the union jack

o flags! flags! flags! flags!

We’re laughing at the upside down letter and the foreign currency is running out of time.

MONEY shout it MONEY is out of time-

not diamonds or batteries or foreign peaches, pots, tomatoes or lemons.

Acorns make a tsunami among the tomatoes.

Line them up: acorns acorns pots lemons lemons pots pots, it’s like it’s raining tomatoes.

My umbrella is more purple than your eggplant.

All the phases of the moon are faces of the moon in autumn.

Even the sun is a star, not a seashell, but a comet.

Here’s a sunflower for the dark moon and all the creatures of earth:

dragons first of course, and also sheep, a cat, a very proud poodle-

make that five proud poodles and two jersey cows,

and throw in your camels and a white rat and a soft bunny rabbit for good measure.

A cactus graduates and becomes

a businessman with pink lipstick, a mustache, and a wise black grandmother.

We’re strong now, we hang loose, we tongue out, we say stop! stop!

Count our flags again and line up the animals: camel, cat, camel hang loose, somebody cat stop, the cactus grins, cactus.


love hang loose camel


Jenny’s non-emoji poetry can be found in book form here.