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Oregon Explored: Astoria and the Columbia River Basin (Wordless Wednesday)

Hammond Marina, Columbia River. MomsicleBlog

Peter Iredale Shipwreck, Sunset Beach. MomsicleBlog

Cargo Ships Near Astoria, Oregon. MomsicleBlog

Astoria, Salmon-gutting. MomsicleBlog

Hammond, Oregon, Columbia River. MomsicleBlog

Fishing Boat Headed to Pacific Ocean via Columbia River. MomsicleBlog

Pattern (Wordless Wednesday)

Ceiling at the Schnitz. MomsicleBlog

Snow on balcony. MomsicleBlog

Milk & food color. MomsicleBlog

Prayer shawl. MomsicleBlog

Ice. MomsicleBlog

Plan C: When Everything Mostly Falls Apart

You know how you always start with plan A, and when something goes wrong, you move on to plan B? And then when that all falls apart and the fire alarm is going off, dinner is burning, and the kids are freaking out, you move on to plan C, which, in general involves a lot of deep breathing and apologies?

We operate a lot with plan C at our house. Especially after 4 p.m.

Plan A is solid. Plan B strips out the bells and whistles. Plan C takes it to the bare bones.

I used to be a plan-A kinda gal. I could set high expectations because I was 95% sure I would meet them. Now I try to get plan A out of my head, because comparing what really happens to the ideal is not a good idea.

Are you with me, people? Expectations only lead to trouble. 

For example…

In plan A, I take my kids to a number of pumpkin patches to ensure great weather and fabulous photo opportunities of adorable children and squash.

In plan B it rains and the kids are grumpy, but they’re at least in the photos.

In plan C, I get home and realize that I’ve only taken pictures of a llama and a goat.

I consider this a win. MomsicleBlog


In plan A we brush Baby Woww’s teeth every day and he goes to the dentist before he turns two (the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends one-and-a-half, I think).

In plan B we brush his teeth every day.

In plan C he fills a sink with water and throws all the family’s toothbrushes in, plus a hairbrush.


In plan A, I get some “me time” by writing a blog post and taking a bath after the kids go down.

In plan B it gets late and I just take the bath.

In plan C I forget to set the bath plug, and check on the bath after all the hot water in the house has  gone down the drain. So I sit in a tepid bath for a while, pretending it’s the world’s smallest hotel swimming pool.

Any stories you care to share from your own plan C lifestyle??

Photo Saturday: Bath Brothers