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Oregon Explored: Astoria and the Columbia River Basin (Wordless Wednesday)

Hammond Marina, Columbia River. MomsicleBlog

Peter Iredale Shipwreck, Sunset Beach. MomsicleBlog

Cargo Ships Near Astoria, Oregon. MomsicleBlog

Astoria, Salmon-gutting. MomsicleBlog

Hammond, Oregon, Columbia River. MomsicleBlog

Fishing Boat Headed to Pacific Ocean via Columbia River. MomsicleBlog

PHX => PDX (Wordless Wednesday)

PHX. MomsicleBlog

Grand Canyon. MomsicleBlog

In the heavens. MomsicleBlog

Back in the shire. MomsicleBlog

Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle, for Jackie (Wordless Wednesday)

My dear friend Jackie just won a sports Emmy. Jackie, this post is for you–this is how we feel inside about your awesome accomplishment!Chihuly Garden & Glass. MomsicleBlog

Chihuly Garden & Glass. MomsicleBlog

Chihuly Garden & Glass. MomsicleBlog

These pics are from Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle (they had free professional photographers!). Find more great pics from Seattle with ideas for what to do/where to go, here.