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Boozed + Infused: The Backstory

The Internet sucks up my time with a vacuum hose, but sometimes it rewards me with an e-friend who invites me over for cocktails, and then lets me stay to drink liquor out of mason jars from her closet.

Craigslist would say this is a bad idea.

My personal experience of having a roommate with a million skeezy Internet boyfriends (she met them all on AIM chat–and gratefully I only met a few of them in person) would also suggest that meeting strangers for drinks at their homes would be a bad idea.*

*Not Caitlin the cheesemaker from Milk’s Leap, she was one of the most wonderful roommates ever! In fact, all my roommates have been awesome except that one.


But I think there was more fear on my new e-friend Alicia’s part (or there should have been). She did invite us over to her house (Not sure who Alicia is? She’s a big part of the genius behind Boozed + Infused, the amazing home-infused liqueurs blog. Find out why you should love her here.)

A few months back Alicia and I crossed paths on the interwebs, and I fell in love. I asked if I could feature her under my Northwest Artists & Creative Genius series. She was flattered and suggested that I should taste her infusions before writing about them.

Brilliant idea, Alicia! 

Strangely, my husband was not worried.

So then why stop there–I begged Alicia to make it a foursome and let me invite my other e-friend girl-crushes.

I mean, suddenly I’m the cool girl with an invitation to try home-infused liqueurs. My crushes would have to like me now. Right??**

**Do you like me? __ Yes   __ No   __ Maybe __ Yes, if you pay for a massage once a week

That’s how Krista from Mostly Mommyhood and Poppy from Funny or Snot also showed up at Alicia’s.  They are smart, sassy women who have cool/hilarious mom blogs. Check them out if you’re in to that sort of thing.

(Left to right: Alicia, Poppy, Krista)

None of this seemed weird until I rang Alicia’s doorbell. What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks were we doing? It’s not a good idea to go to a stranger’s house for candy. It’s not a good idea to invite volatile-weirdo-moms over, especially if you don’t know them.

But THANK YOU Alicia for taking a chance on us.

We started out with blueberry pieball cocktails and then moved on to coffee-bourbon milkshakes. The pieballs were perfect for a beautiful afternoon, and the milkshakes really would have been better served by the gallon in a trough. And if you decide to make the milkshake at home, you might make an extra bucket so your family can have some.

But our surprise thrill was getting to see Alicia’s closet where she stores her concoctions. It’s worth posting again.

This is the most awesome liquor closet in the world. It’s like Cool Moon Ice Cream for the 21-and-over set. We had a million spoons and dozens of jars of home-infused liqueur at our fingertips.

Note: Poppy doesn’t really have any spots on her face. Apparently that’s Instagram’s instant liver-spot effect. Please don’t throw our love away, Poppy.

Here’s Krista after a few spoonfuls…

I’m blushing and feeling hung over just thinking about the experience. I’m also feeling lucky that I didn’t have to sleep on Alicia’s front porch after she thought I had left.

The moral of this story is: Sometimes it’s worth it to risk your life for new friends and liquor. Kids, take note.

Wondering what the girl crushes thought of me?

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