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Versatile Blogger Award Winners

This is my first chance to take a deep breath since the holiday season rocked and rolled into town like a runaway C train. Copyediting classes are over, Christmas cards are out, the marathon line at the post office is tackled. Time to hit the rails with K-Pants—praying that the MTA will safely deliver us to all the salted-caramel hot chocolate and giant cookies we can drink and eat while ogling holiday displays.

Before the Pants and I get roasted-chestnut smoke blown in our faces by the hot dog vendors, I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award. Cyndi at MyConvertibleLife gave Momsicle this award before Thanksgiving (I forget what I bribed her with). Cyndi is based in North Carolina and you feel like bosom-buddies just reading her posts. Go check her out! And THANK YOU, Cyndi, for the love!

In keeping with the terms of the award, you’ll find a list of several  (7–10) random things you may or may not know about Momsicle, and a list of new award-winners whom I love to read (up t0 10).

Things Some of You Already Know About Me:

  1. I make a really excellent horse noise. Some people in our building probably think there’s a pony illegally living in our apartment. K-Pants is working on his horse noise and it’s coming along nicely thanks to genetic predisposition.
  2. I am a bell-ringer: big, Quasimodo-style bells that are followed by beer, not white-glove bells followed by Chardonnay.
  3. I am the least fashionable member of my family and the worst shopper.
  4. I make a mean spicy marinara sauce.
  5. I would like to edit cook books, and write and illustrate kids books.
  6. My veins flow with cookie dough.
  7. If I were a TV character, I would be Cam from Modern Family.
  8. I wear a pig hat for most of the winter.

And now, drum roll please…

Here are my Versatile Blogger Award winners. Move your little mouse down there and give ‘em a click!

Just Step On It: Go here for beautifully written posts on blended family life.

Fizgiggery: Go here for a delicious dose of blog antipasto.

Milk’s Leap: Go here to pretend like you’re at the forefront of the slow food movement.

Lightbulb Books Blog: Go here to get inspired to follow your creative pursuits while parenting two boys.

Notabilia: Go here to pretend like you are discovering the streets of Singapore while living a glamorous, ex-pat life.

Dumb Mommy: Go here to become a better parent, laugh, and get the chills—all at the same time.

Two Tales in a City

When attacking industrial New York with a Brit, Charles Dickens comes to mind. On Saturday, my dear British friend Fizgig (also a very talented actress and jeweler) met K-Pants and I for a Brooklyn adventure walk. To feast your eyes on Fizgig’s version of what happened, click here. My version of the truth is below.


Sometimes I need New York to show me a secret. After living here five years, I’m often on edge and apathetic. (Recognizing my issues is the first step, right?) My relationship with the subway—for instance—is incredibly rocky and bordering on emotionally abusive.

I’ve flipped off MTA employees (I love me some CityMini stroller: you can drive with one hand and flip the bird with the other). I’ve tried airing my frustrations in writing: All I get are do-not-reply-to-this-email messages. I don’t think counseling will work. The wheels on those tracks are grinding me down and pushing me toward the third rail.

But then on Saturday, as K-Pants and I escaped the transportation netherworld and our eyes adjusted to the light, Auntie Fizgig appeared with sweet fruit cake from Narnia, a dog who acts like a dressage horse, and plans for a walk filled with glass-tiled sidewalks, hidden, rusted alleys, and secret food-truck getaways.

Here’s Auntie Fizgig; just what the anti-cynicism doctor ordered:

And here’s Dressage Dog:

Armed with two cameras, K-Pants, and Dressage Dog, we headed to the Gowanus Canal—an area that is one of Brooklyn’s rough diamonds being polished.

The canal has been ridiculously polluted, but is on the mend. Here’s a photo of the Gowanus—kind of reminds you art history geeks of a dirty Flemish landscape painting, right?

Fizgig pushed us into a hidden parking lot where New York City street trucks go to rest up on the weekends. This is like sneaking up on your favorite celebrity in her local hangout.

Our gallant guide showed us a street mural by Shepard Fairey (of Obama poster fame).

Bright, bold textile prints…

Technicolor grafitti plays with nature…

…and the grafitti also poses as stained glass in the broken windows.

So, if you are in New York and looking for urban refreshment, sneak up on the Gowanus Canal. Just take the R train to Union Street and head west.