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Northwest Artist Anya Roberts-Toney

This is the first in a new series of posts highlighting art & creativity in the Pacific Northwest. 


Anya Roberts-Toney is a friend. And when you see a friend’s artwork you expect to be excited. It’s gutsy and energizing to see someone else put their mind to paper. But it’s a friend, so you don’t expect to be blown away…


But when I saw Anya’s paintings nestled almost like house guests in her cozy Portland apartment I was stunned.

Doll Fight

Anya’s paintings are dream-like narratives weaving tales of the fragility of childhood and loss of innocence. I don’t always do well with this story line now that I have two young children, but the children in Anya’s paintings make me feel like there remains a jaggedy shard of bright childhood sunshine can be polished and cradled and nourished.

The Game

Anya is based in Northwest Portland and I look forward to seeing her work in Oregon galleries in 2012. Enjoy her full portfolio at AnyaRobertsTony.com.


All images of paintings copyright Anya Roberts-Toney. Geometric triangle pattern from August Empress. Title fonts from dafont.com.