Momsicle Is Turning into a Lifestyle and Crafting Blog

I decided I needed to make some money from parenting. And all the cool kids are architecting their lives and crafting the sh*t out of stuff. So it’s time to style—lifestyle—it up in here, bitches.

[Psychotic laughter. Snorting.]

You’re right. That’s not happening. You know what is happening, though?

My friend Rebecca is providing me endless entertainment by sending me parenting videos. Her videos are kind of like December’s Sunset magazine post. Remember that one? It was a head-to-head battle between curated girl-next-door-parent Kendra and actual girl-next-door-parent Marisa. Kendra had the gloss. Marisa had the sticky notes.

I’m here to say: curated girl-next-door parents, it is on. I’m tired of your bullshit.

I don’t believe that homeschooling your littles is magic. And your Instagram posts that say things like “Transforming the main floor bedroom into our playroom was the best decision I’ve made for our family” make me want to vomit. Especially when accompanied by a Pottery-Barn-like photo of your actual home.

Perfection parenting

That is an actual kids’ playroom. I did that drawing of my face reading this post.

Don’t worry.

Rebecca is here to help the rest of us get to that playroom utopia.

I present to you a sneak peek preview of a new project Rebecca and I are developing called [ummm… we’re working on the title] vlog. Possible vlog tagline, “Messy houses ugly shitty ass crafts that are actually fun for kids to make etc.”

Drumroll please…

How to Clean Up a Play Room to Be Mindful and Grateful Again and Get that Pottery Barn Feel

Tell us what you think. Send us a photo of how things go. Let us know if you want to see another video. (This a vanity project for me and Rebecca, so you may not have a choice.)

Happy decluttering of the mind and soul.

xoxo (All good parenting blogs have at least a few x-o-x-os.)


2 responses to “Momsicle Is Turning into a Lifestyle and Crafting Blog

  1. Fucking hilarious. Doing this right away.

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