Now Is Our Chance to Thank Dick’s Sporting Goods for Standing Up for Gun Reform

Dick’s Sporting Goods did something awesome. They stood up for commonsense gun reform in a thoughtful, smart way. They’re getting backlash. We have to be louder than the backlash. This is saying a lot coming from me. I’m exhausted and have very little time for my social justice pursuits right now. I feel you, people. I’m letting teenagers lead the way. But calling was super easy and fast.

Dick’s Sporting Good’s customer service phone number is 1-877-846-9997, option 5. They are tallying all the feedback they get. I got through really quickly even though it said there might be a long wait time. I said, “I’m Evelyn Shoop from Portland and I wanted to say thank you for what you did to stand up for gun reform.” My representative said they are watching how the community responds and are sending the information to the higher-ups this week.


This is what Chelsea Handler had to say:

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 1.19.39 PM.png

You can tweet to @DICKS. You can also write an email. Their email is Here’s the email I wrote:

Dear Dick’s Sporting Goods,

Reading your announcement was like a huge breath of fresh air, and a pressure release. As a mom of three young kids–two in elementary grades–I have to push my anxiety that my kids will be shot at school out of my mind. I think about it in passing every time I pass their school. Every. Single. Time. And that’s not something I’ve been able to acknowledge. You have to shove that thinking aside to keep on functioning.

The principal of our school was reduced to tears in a parent meeting when I asked about emergency plans when my son was in kindergarten. I was interested in earthquake emergency preparedness, but she couldn’t tackle it because her mind was too caught up in shooter scenarios. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and the fact that my child’s principal doesn’t have enough bandwidth to deeply tackle earthquake preparedness because of the threat of mass shootings is terrible. Yet, I don’t blame her at all.

I watched as a double door locking system and video entry were installed in our school this year, and I think about how much time, energy, and resources it takes to implement something like this. I want that time and energy to go to small class sizes and teacher resources. Watching the double-door system go in, I also knew that it wouldn’t stop a shooter, it would just slow them down so there might be more time to save additional children.

The fact that Dick’s stood up and spoke out in a really thoughtful, smart, compassionate way with both words and actions is a gift to our whole country and the millions who have been fighting hard to get taken seriously. I am not anti-gun. But I am in favor of our gun violence epidemic being taken seriously. Guns should not take priority over children.

I know that for every customer who leaves Dick’s because of your decision, you will gain many, many more. Thank you.

With gratitude,
Evelyn Shoop
Portland, Oregon

You could also use this as your excuse to purchase something you’ve been craving to support Dick’s. I bought a pair of shorts. I hate shorts, but the ones I got are Carhartt and promise to be functional and not too short. So win-win!

Go moms, parents, high-schoolers, sensible gun owners, and kids!


5 responses to “Now Is Our Chance to Thank Dick’s Sporting Goods for Standing Up for Gun Reform

  1. Excellent information and response! Thanks for this! I got through in under 15 minutes around 5pm today.

  2. I don’t need to read your entire blog to realize I more than disagree with your post. I would never have a need to buy a firearm at Dicks Sporting Goods. In my own experience, they rarely have even a full stock of the items they advertise having. I also appreciate real firearms. So I purchase mine from real firearms dealers, not someone who sells yoga mats and softball bats. I also appreciate the many brave soldiers and law enforcement officers whose lives are forever gone for trying to do what courts and the medical profession refuses to do. I am pro second amendment and the Constitution that governs our Country, the same one which those same brave soldiers fought and died for many times over, have guaranteed this right for me and for you, even though you may not wish to appreciate it. If only the liberals who are so against the Constitutional right to own and bear arms, spent nearly as much time and money, arguing against doctors prescribing medicine that leads to unparented teenagers going on a shooting rampage now and then, as the NRA does putting money and time into the rest of us keeping our right to protect ourselves against those who would harm us, maybe we could get to a place where people wouldn’t feel a need to arm themselves. But until that day comes……..

    • I’m sorry you felt like commenting in a demeaning manner without reading the post and seeing that I’m not anti-gun (and you might be surprised to know that I have shot guns, though I don’t own a firearm). Your words are hurtful. At the same time, they seem to be providing the pro-gun party line with very little nuance. Nuance is what so many people I talk to are looking for. They are tired of so much vilification of the other side. Please remember that there are people behind words, and what your words were doing here was hurtful. I see that you’re a person who doesn’t like being “PC.” That’s different that being a person who hurts others. Please filter your anger before throwing it at strangers in a personal way.

      I see that you are a stroke survivor and a tractor-trailer driver. That must have been an adventurous life on the road. I love driving, but I don’t know how I would do on long-haul trips for multiple weeks. I’m sorry that you’re not able to return to work (yet). But I’m glad that you’re giving voice to stroke survivors, because we don’t hear or talk much about it. I was particularly interested in your dreams while you were in a coma. We really never hear about things like that! Keep writing. I know that for me writing has been a solace and a tool.

      • Yes, sorry to have offended you. You and yours feel how you feel and my people will continue to do as we do. Congratulations on having fired a weapon.

      • I am stumped to find any of my reply that should have offended you, but then I’m not so surprised either. I do love our Country and those who defend it. And when doctors quit prescribing psychotropic drugs to people who certainly do not need to be taking such medications, our schools can possibly become a bit safer. In the meantime, we all pray for the best possible outcomes every day.

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