Blog Birthday: We’re Turning 6!

I don’t usually celebrate the blog’s birthday unless it’s something remarkable. Six isn’t really remarkable, but there’s this photo that I forgot to put into A Postpartum Depression Love Letter to My Feisty, Old-Soul Daughter on Her First Birthday.

It's Time to Work. Thank You Fairy Pig. MomsicleBlog

She made me realize that in spite of the chance to be a full-time, stay-at-home parent for another five years, it is time for me write and work and create.

I’m nervous. But we’re already on our way. I’m doing freelance writing work that I love for Lonely Lane Farms and Vital Mamas. I have a project or two on the horizon for Sesame Workshop. I’m on the brink of starting an exciting collaboration with End Child Poverty CA. And I have a couple of articles for larger publications bouncing around in my head about the liberal church and maternal mental health.

It’s going to be a good year. Did I mention I’m nervous?

Thanks for sticking with me.

6 responses to “Blog Birthday: We’re Turning 6!

  1. Awesome! So impressed by you!

  2. Looking forward to watching it unfold 💗

  3. Couldn’t be more proud of you for listening to your heart and making it happen. What a great role model for your kids!

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