7 responses to “This Is What It Feels Like #ppd

  1. You truly have such a way with words. They’re the mechanism on the flat tin that slowly, sometimes gently and sometimes not, peels back the layer to reveal that anchovies inside.

    I think we all have salty little fishies lurking. Some of us have more than others. You’re wondering what the hell kind of dish to make with all these !@#$%ing anchovies. I only have a couple from time to time, and even though I’m not wild about tomatoes I think I am going to make a puttanesca. The chilli disguises the salty fish flavour well. Wanna come over for dinner? We could have a caesar salad, followed by a puttanesca. And I bet my DH could make a fabulous dirty martini with some of that PDX small-batch gin. We just need to find some extra lemon to cut the saltiness.

  2. I love your honesty. Though I was lucky enough to not have suffered with PPD, I can share in your feelings of dread, exhaustion and being overwhelmed. We are not alone, and the only way to realize that is to openly talk about it. So thank you.

    And don’t worry about how many times you write about PPD. You write about YOUR life, and it involves PPD, and that’s ok. We can all relate.

  3. I love that you are leaving your future self these mementos, these antidotes to the rose colored glasses that look upon the past and see only silver linings. There are times in our lives that challenge our very core, and it’s important to never trivialize those times, in our own minds, or when we deal with future parents going through similar challenges. Thank you for your public honesty and openness, we need more truth tellers!

  4. Just lovely and all too real. I can relate to the stresses of obsessing over waking your sleeping baby and how you dislike anyone coming round or making noise. Great post!

  5. The bit about the garage and your hubby helping with the step-by-step plan to come back inside? Yes. All the feels. #OMGItsNotJustMe (And my issues aren’t even PPD related.)

  6. I will hold in pee (and poop) just not to wake up the baby.

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