Dubious Wildlife Outfitters Summer 2016 Lookbook

DubiousWildlifeOutfitters. MomsicleBlog

My friend Clare started a kick-ass tomboy fashion company in 2013. So why couldn’t I? Armed with no research, an iPhone, a dog, a baby, and a carefully curated collection of found and thrift-store items, my sister Chloë and I decided it was time.

In Cascadia, the summer is about to beckon with rainy, high-60s days. Are you ready? We are.

DUBIOUS WILDLIFE OUTFITTERS. Imagine yourself on the edge of a frigid mountain lake with someone’s finger in your face. 

Dubious Wildlife Outfitters. MomsicleBlog

Your loyal, mute Pacific Northwest hiking pitbull is all muscle and no warmth. She’ll love you for our toddler hoodie from Janie & Jack. Optional bedazzling upgrade.

Dubious Wildlife Outfitters. MomsicleBlog

Your soul wants to warm itself on the sun-drenched boulder of summer. But you live here, so you need to stay warm while you wait for your big trip to Tampa-Hawai’i-San Diego. In the meantime, cozy-up in summer’s favorite Scottie dog hiking footie fleece.

Dubious Wildlife Outfitters. MomsicleBlog

Sliding down a muddy hill to an off-trail stream is no big thang with our dollar store Muppet glove that hugs trees like a sloth. Comes in “northern moss” and “lichen.”

Dubious Wildlife Outfitters. MomsicleBlog

You can’t say “summer” and “scarf” in the same sentence. That’s why we dug in deep to the backseat to find this baby-blanket neck wrap with classic satin trim. It doubles as a picnic square and summer snot rag.

Dubious Wildlife Outfitters. MomsicleBlog

Don’t leave your ungloved hand naked. Give it our hiking pole and squirrel snare. Finish off your look with our late 90s summer snowflake hiking cap from Eddie Bauer, sure to warm your brain and drastically improve your outdoor intelligence.

Dubious Wildlife Outfitters. MomsicleBlog

Unconvinced? Now you’re not…

Dubious Wildlife Outfitters. MomsicleBlog

Prices available upon request out of the trunk of my SUV apocalypse-mobile.


4 responses to “Dubious Wildlife Outfitters Summer 2016 Lookbook

  1. Prices for mine upon request out of the trunk of my buic towncar, so there!

    • It’s taken me so long to respond, but this comment makes me laugh so much! A friend of mine from high school has been the proud owner of a Buick Towncar for years, which he would insist was really a Delorean in its soul.

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