The newborn, baby, and family portraits field seems to be exploding, so the boys are throwing their hats into the ring, especially since they just learned they have to pay their own overdue book fines.

K-Pants tries to capture your soul.

kid portraits Momsicle blog

Boy Woww is a master at eliciting emotions.


kid portraits Momsicle blog


kid portraits Momsicle blog


kid portraits Momsicle blog

Shout out if you need a booking. Costs are low. Quality is grainy. Being robbed of the essence of your soul is priceless.

kid portraits Momsicle blog


5 responses to “Portraits

  1. Sign me up!

  2. Cute kids! Cant wait to see, and hear more!

  3. Abiola Bonuola

    Wow this blog is so cool. I am definitely following!

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