Escapism. MomsicleBlog

My husband went away for four days. It’s the longest he’s been gone since the baby was born, which is quite remarkable given that she’s seven months old.

Escapism. MomsicleBlog

To escape from what would have been four days of Dragon Mom’s psychotic dictatorship, I packed up the kids and my grandma and we went to the beach.

Escapism. MomsicleBlog

Remember not to tell my grandma you know she was there. She prefers to live a blog-free life. “What grandma?” Exactly.

Escapism. MomsicleBlog

My husband travels somewhat frequently, but I don’t exercise my slow-twitch business-trip muscle fibers enough run the race with endurance. I’m the one spasming and gasping for air.

Escapism. MomsicleBlog

So we left.

Escapism. MomsicleBlog

What’s the merit in tackling a parenting challenge head on when you can avoid it? Especially these days—I’m too tired.

Escapism. MomsicleBlog

The Oregon Coast in winter can be volatile and wild.

Escapism. MomsicleBlog

But adventure gives us something to live for.

Escapism. MomsicleBlog



3 responses to “Escapism

  1. Looks like you pretty much had the place to yourselves!

  2. Beautiful photos. Actually, I think this is an example of good parenting. Good for you and good for the kids.

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