K-Pants’s Halloween Scare Fest, Part 1

K-Pants has been churning out books at the speed of Mercedes Lackey. It’s hard to keep paper stocked and chubby pencils sharpened. I’m pretty stoked because last year I was like, “Literacy may not be his thang.”

There are two Halloween titles in his library. Today we bring you the first:


Halloween by K-Pants. MomsicleBlog

A mysterious guy gets pulled apart by happy guys. Or so you think…

Halloween by K-Pants. MomsicleBlog

“Was it was Halloween so the pumpkins went trick-or-treating.” (Was it was the best of times. Was it was the worst of times.)

Halloween by K-Pants. MomsicleBlog

“And then the pumpkins saw a ghost and the pumpkins dropped their candies and they were so sad.” (Note the droopy stems of sadness.)

Halloween by K-Pants. MomsicleBlog

“But the pumpkins got their candies back.” (Wahooo!!! Viagra pumpkin stems.)

Halloween by K-Pants. MomsicleBlog

“And the pumpkins ate six million candies and they wanted more.”

Halloween by K-Pants. MomsicleBlog

“And the pumpkins got trick-or-treating but after the pumpkins got back they didn’t have any candy and they didn’t want any candy.” (Probably because they ate six million candies.)

Halloween by K-Pants. MomsicleBlog

“The end” (A collaborative page with my sister Chloë.)



The Eevol Skelatin by K-Pants. MomsicleBlog

Yes, that is a jedi taking his lightsaber to the groin of the eevol skeleton. But I don’t want to give away too much…

2 responses to “K-Pants’s Halloween Scare Fest, Part 1

  1. And we had a reading by the author Sunday 🙂

  2. Your brain plus your kid’s brains equal a winning combination.

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