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My fifteen minutes of fame have arrived, people. I’m the featured Portland Metro–area blogger for October 2015 in MetroParent magazine. I’ll be referring to myself from now on as Miss October. That’s me under the coats.

If I see you on the street this month, you might be like, “Evelyn! I totally meant to read your paragraph in MetroParent. Shucks.” No problem. I’m putting it here for you:

If you want Instagram perfect pics of fantastically coiffed kids or kid-product reviews, look elsewhere. Momsicle: Something to Suck On is not that kind of blog. What you will find on Evelyn Shoop’s site is lots of great writing. This mom from the Northwest Hills is sometimes humorous, sometimes deep, and often a combination of the two. Posts touch on everything from how to hook up a “promance” (aka parent romance) to the magical conception of her third child dubbed the “fairy pig” to baking the ultimate rainbow/Voodoo Doughnut birthday cake.


“Momsicle is where I fight the cult of parenting perfection. This is where I connect with my tribe,” writes Shoop.


Momsicle, we get you and would totally sign up to be your parent BFF. –D.C.


Yes, Denise Castañon (D.C.) we are totally BFFs now. You asked for it!

And if I see you on the street and you’re like, “Evelyn! Damn. I don’t have electricity or Internet. But I totally meant to read your paragraph.” No problem! I will pull a copy of the magazine out of my trench coat.

Be polite and take the magazine. You can use it later for kindling in your off-the-grid lifestyle.

Wait. Glossy pages. Don’t burn it. Toilet paper? Decoupage? Take the magazine. Oh, you want me to sign it? Wow! I have six permanent markers in my trench coat.

And while you still have electricity, do Miss October a solid on Facebook here.

Or sign up for an email subscription, because Miss October doesn’t promote herself very well on Facebook, so sometimes posts get buried by The Man.


You can find Portland MetroParent magazine and their PDX kids calendar here.

And you can find them on Facebook here.


6 responses to “Momsicle In Portland MetroParent Magazine

  1. Congrats! So cool!

  2. Go Miss October!

  3. Demi Taylor Ross

    I love reading about your family and parenting. Thanks for sharing

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