Five–Year-Old Blog Birthday Parrrrtay!

Welcome to the Momsicle blog birthday party! It’s a family affair, and you’re invited.

Blog Birthday. MomsicleBlog

We’re frosting a couple of cakes and sucking down the extra icing. Unless you want some hand-to-hand combat, we’re going to let K-Pants blow out the candles.

Blog Birthday. MomsicleBlog

The Pants is six. The blog is five. Boy Woww is four. And the Fairy Pig is, well, her soul is a thousand years old, but she’s zero.  That’s right. I have four kids six and under. None of them tell me I’m good at what I do, and they all variously keep me up at night. But the blog. The blog only does what I tell it to, and that’s nice sometimes.

Five years ago K-Pants was one and an only child, and I was newly a stay-at-home parent, with the freedom of my own schedule and the tyranny of a toddler, trying to figure out how to keep my adult self intact.

[VINTAGE POST: “Water Off My Back.” I was that annoying white person at our Bronx public pool.]

I started sending out sarcastic and revealing stories to my friends Marisa, Gretchen, Suna, Theresa, Brianna, and Kathleen–women whose loyalty was forged in the crucible of Teach For America. Gretchen encouraged me to start a blog. (To thank her, she just sent me money to take my family out to dinner. Hmmm… that worked out well for me.)

I love this place.

Momsicle is where I fight the cult of parenting perfection. This is where I connect with my tribe. Bloggers I started out with have become famous and their reaches increased, but Momsicle is still small. I would say it’s because I’m not a sellout, but that’s not true. I would rather be taking a nap than marketing myself. Still, Momsicle rocks some stats I’m proud of: 172,000 page visits, 291 Facebook besties, 255 blog posts, and 2,166 comments.

[VINTAGE POST: “Dear Social Media, I Hate You, Now Let’s Make Out.”]

Comments and likes on the blog are tied for awesomeness in my book with happy hour mixologists, Blue Star Donuts, and getting the next episodes of Mad Men in the mail from Netflix. (Maybe the fact that I still get Netflix in the mail is related to why the blog hasn’t conquered the Internet. Technology. It comes in the mail.)

And I love that so many people read the blog even if they don’t comment. To you guys: Thanks for hanging around and looking creepy. I can see you.

[VINTAGE POST: “How to Make New Parent Friends.Probably not by telling them you can see them when they’d rather be invisible.]

Blog Birthday. MomsicleBlog

So thanks for coming to the party, people. And here’s to the next five! Arrrghgh, who am I kidding? I can’t think that far in advance. So here’s to happy hour and donuts and finding the time to write another post.

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7 responses to “Five–Year-Old Blog Birthday Parrrrtay!

  1. Congrats on 5 years – I’m not even a Mom and I enjoy your blog! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Momsicle! Can you see me now?

  3. Adriane Blackman

    Happy Birthday, Momsicle! I really enjoy reading your posts. They make me laugh. They make me cry. They make me feel less alone in this beautiful madness that is parenting – that is life. Thank you for your brutal honesty and beautiful writing. You are a gift to us all.

  4. Adriane Blackman

    P.S. Amen to continuing the good fight against the cult of parenting perfection!!!

  5. Yeah, happy 5th Birthday, momsicle!!! Your blog is my favorite. Keep on keepin’ it real! And thank you.

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