Sometimes the Easy Kid Goes Unnoticed

Boy Woww. MomsicleBlog

I worry that Boy Woww gets overlooked. He’s about to become the middle child, and K-Pants is the one who brings TNT to the parenting party. Boy Woww is mellow, and incredibly snuggly, and almost every time I come into a room he beams and says, “Mom! You’re back!”

Boy Woww. MomsicleBlog

I talk quite a bit with my boys about how I don’t love anyone more: I love them differently. (This conversation often comes up because K-Pants has a tough time with any kind of reprimand and will lash out by saying, “You don’t love me!” or “You love Boy Woww more than me!”)

Well, I love Boy Woww because he has lavish imaginary worlds and a strangely mature sense of humor and a remarkable way of affirming you when you need it. “Mom, I love this day,” he’ll say out of the blue.

Boy Woww. MomsicleBlog

So this post is for him.

Boy Woww. MomsicleBlog

I hope he knows how much I love to snuggle him.

Boy Woww. MomsicleBlog

…and watch him grow, even when I’m tired, and overwhelmed, and short-tempered.

Ode to Boy Woww. MomsicleBlog

Here’s to you, our wonderful boy.

6 responses to “Sometimes the Easy Kid Goes Unnoticed

  1. I love this! Kisses to Boy Woww!

  2. Boy Woww has my heart ❤

  3. He is indeed a special little man

  4. I absolutely love this post, beautiful. Boy Woww!

  5. Adriane Blackman

    Lovely. So much mama love.

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