Where the Magic Is

I’ve thought a lot about this baby’s story.

It starts by surprise. We were adamantly not trying to get pregnant. I couldn’t understand having more than two kids because my boys were filling life up so completely: My cup was running over into its saucer and onto the tablecloth and dripping onto the floor.

Now that the Fairy Pig is on her way (it’s a girl baby!), we don’t feel any need to hide the surprise in the story. In fact, the surprise is the best part. It’s the magic. Suddenly poof! Out of nowhere there’s this little piggie. She’s a gift from God.

There aren’t many decisions we make in our lives that aren’t carefully considered, or at least somewhat considered. But here we are in a passing dream. Honey, I dreamt last night that we were having another baby. I was really pregnant. It was crazy. This is the dream path. The path we might imagine but then easily let go of.

There were so many things we were about to do on the real path, the carefully considered one.

I had a pitch email drafted, proposing how I wanted to cover Women’s World Cup this summer in Canada. We were going to drive up the West Coast, doing some of Lewis and Clark’s route in Oregon and Washington, then heading to Vancouver British Columbia for games. I had taken photos of our house to list on one of those vacation home swap sites.

I’d started horseback riding again. Horses are better than the densest sourdough bread, the crackliest pizza crust, the lightest macaroon, the most caramel-drenched sundae. I recently went up and rode with our family friend in Hood River at her barn next to their family’s apple orchard. It had been nine years since I’d been in a saddle, but my muscles remembered. Then I was invited to work with an experienced horsewoman from church who lives close by, and to ride her horse through the winter.

But I had this dream about being pregnant. Honey, last night I had this dream. I went to the doctor and she showed me a picture of a little fairy baby wrapped in a great cloud of unknowing. It was crazy.

The baby is due during Women’s World Cup. I’m prohibited from horseback riding. Plans of launching into the real life are dashed.

Instead we’re given new life. And I’m reminded that I am not in charge. The circumstances of my life are here by grace, and I need to learn to let go. The letting go has been surprisingly more peaceful than I’d imagined. I like who I am working on growing into now—after five months of emotional and spiritual exercise and physical changes—more than I like the person whom I saw myself becoming.

And we have this magical story to tell.

At first I was worried, Will this child feel unwanted because we were done growing our family before her? Should we talk about the fact that there is no greater surprise in our lives than this baby? But we realized that the magic is the surprise. God gave her to us with a fierce soul that wouldn’t be deterred by any of our plans, and now she’s working on making us better.

11 responses to “Where the Magic Is

  1. I’m not worried about BB Fairy feeling wanted – I’ve seen the considerate attention you give C (Queen Fierce of Fierceland) and how she lights up with you. I think BB girl will have your same gentle, honest, strength. She may be the hydrogen bonds you need to keep the water in the very ful cup. And I think she loves horses too.

    Congrats friend! I’m so excited to hold a real, actual Fairy.

    • Queen Fierce of Fierceland! It’s officially affirmed that it IS a place, and does have a monarchy. A new princess will be arriving shortly to be trained by the queen.

      And thank you, thank you, thank you. I love that hydrogen bonding reference.

  2. Oh my goodness, I totally missed your previous post about this because I was traveling at that time, and HOLY CRIMENEY what a story! I have a Paraguard and this makes me think HMMMm…what if??? ACK! Exciting! And amazing. And WHOA. What a story. She’s a fantastically stubborn, strong woman already, this little Fairy Pig. 🙂

  3. It is the most magical, dazzling story; I can’t wait to meet this girl, this gift from the universe!

  4. bridgetfarrell15

    Beautiful. Sending a big hug from my bump to yours xxx

  5. John Lennon said it, and it has been proven over and over again: life is what happens to you while you’re making your other plans.

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