Incredibly Simple Applesauce

Organic Oregon Apples. MomsicleBlog

I am a very lazy cook, and I have a few questions for you.

Why peel your apples for applesauce? That seems like a lot of work. Also, isn’t there fiber in the peels? That’s how I justify my laziness.

Why add sugar to applesauce? I mean, that’s one more step. Also, sugar is killing us. Hasn’t the Internet told you that lately?

Why cook applesauce on the stove? You could forget about it and burn your house down. That is some serious bad news right there.


  1. Core some apples and pack them into your slow cooker.

  2. Turn your slow cooker on low and let it hang out until some point in the future when you remember it’s still on.

  3. Blend up your cooked apples.

Simplest Applesauce. MomsicleBlog

You could add a tiny bit of water. Over-achiever. I add cinnamon, because if I do this at night, I can let the slow-cooker-plus-apples-and-cinnamon make my house in the morning smell like I’ve been baking apple pies all night. When in reality I’ve been sleeping. It’s a nice trick I like to play on myself.

Once I tried wrapping mulling spices in cheese cloth and adding that to the apples. Then I forgot about the spices and accidentally blended up that fragrant cheese-cloth ball. My blender did not like it. So that’s my warning against taking unnecessary extra steps.

I did once leave the slow cooker running with the apples in it for 24 hours. The sauce was more of an apple butter with nice caramel notes. So that’s my endorsement for extreme laziness.

Let me know how it goes. Or if you have other apple recipes that are one step above complete entropy.

10 responses to “Incredibly Simple Applesauce

  1. This all sounds lovely but I’d prefer to show up at your house and eat your applesauce. Thanks in advance!

  2. Finer Things in Life

    Thanks for sharing! My husband and I just went apple picking this past weekend and picked around 15 lbs of apples! I so need to try your slow cookers recipe for Apple sauce! 🙂

  3. Omg, “Then I forgot about the spices and accidentally blended up that fragrant cheese-cloth ball. My blender did not like it. So that’s my warning against taking unnecessary extra steps.”

    Snorted morning cup of tea out my nose!

    And I looooove apple butter stirred into oatmeal… Now for a slow cooker…

    • Oh yes! You must get a slow cooker. I will admit that I only have a handful of go-to recipes in the slow cooker, but I rely on those heavily. You have to get one so you can inspire me with your recipes!

  4. Love applesauce and apple butter, and learned about the connection between applesauce and apple butter the same way you did – through napping and extreme forgetfulness. The end result may have changed forms, but it was still delicious!

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