We Won’t Quit Our Day Jobs: Personal Cake Wrecks/Genius (Marginally Wordless Wednesday)

With K-Pants as sous chef, the world is your oyster when it comes to throwing frosting onto baked sugary batter. Place your orders now for…

The Stegosaurus Farm Cake

We know she'll get out. MomsicleBlog

The German Chocolate Triangle Cake

Because triangles have three sides. MomsicleBlog

The Farm Cake

Because Portland and chickens. MomsicleBlog

The Apocalypse Cake

The farm went to hell. MomsicleBlog

The Transportation in a Snow Scene Cake

She's not really 86. MomsicleBlog

The transportation cake is especially good for teenage girls, who, as a general rule, LOVE trains and planes way more than nail polish or boyfriends.

Blue planes are a girl's best friend. MomsicleBlog

Don’t let us find out you’re having a birthday, or one of these masterpieces WILL show up.


7 responses to “We Won’t Quit Our Day Jobs: Personal Cake Wrecks/Genius (Marginally Wordless Wednesday)

  1. And I can attest first hand that they’re delicious! Wonderful photo of K-Pants and Carbie.

  2. Amazing! I would like to commission a German Chocolate Triangle Cake for my 604th birthday, too. Put that on your calendar for the year 2585. Thanks!

  3. The transportation cake is perfect for my little guy’s next birthday. If K-pants could oblige, it would take a load off of me 🙂 Do you ship across the country? 🙂

  4. I highly recommend these cakes to anyone! 🙂

  5. I love how there looks like (or actually really is??) there is a bite taken out of the #4 candle in the German Chocolate Triangle Cake!

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