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Believe Out Loud

There’s this ball of messy yarn in my soul that makes me need to write. It gets teased out by the cat’s claws, and thrown onto the page. My hope is to be a voice in the darkness. A voice that’s authentic and compassionate. 

And today! Today! Today marks the widest audience my writing has reached. It’s exhilarating and nauseating. I’m thrilled, because there’s been this voice of Love that keeps wanting to come out. And Believe Out Loud, the compassionate, forward-reaching, radically loving Christian site, helped me rework my Coming Out piece into this blog post:

Staying Silent No More: I Am A Christian Ally

What I love about Believe Out Loud is that they don’t like to engage in take-downs of other Christians or movements. They simply witness to what they know of themselves, the LGBTQ community, and Christianity.  So cool. I could learn a thing or two.

My next piece for them is going to be about teaching preschoolers tolerance. Stay tuned! And God bless!



P.S. Want to read more from me on radical tolerance? Check out this piece on the Cascadia Scouts, part of the BPSA, an alternative to the Boy Scouts.


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6 responses to “My Writing on Believe Out Loud

  1. I’m excited to read more about your writing on teaching preschoolers tolerance. With my toddler in preschool now – I’m interested to see how you would guide the parents in my daughter’s class in teaching their children how to interact with my daughter and our family.

  2. First off, congratulations! It’s pretty exciting to see your name in “lights” 🙂 I have been mulling over your phrase: “When I write about religion, mostly I sit in front of a blank screen with my cursor blinking back and forth.” And, I think that perhaps the difficulty may lie in the fact that you are a woman of faith–a growing, living being who changes and reevaluates as life fluctuates. I find that while not separate, the writing of religion and the writing of faith are two very different things. Religion gets a name, rules, it can be right or wrong, conservative or liberal, black or white, true or false. Faith, on the other hand, is personal, raw, changing, evolving wrapped in the soul and the body, and FELT. There is no right answer to faith except what is right for you and God at that moment in time. There are no definitions or names. You feel what you feel. So, when I think of you, someone who bravely shares your inner soul with us weekly, I think of a woman of faith, not a woman of religion. (Not that you don’t have a religion, but that your faith defines you more than a label). That being said, I love how you are honest with yourself and with us on where your faith is right now. Keep writing about your faith, and maybe the screen will be filled by the Holy Spirit.

    I am looking forward to your piece on preschoolers and tolerance. It’s a topic that can’t be shared enough.

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