A Version of Myself Got On a Plane (Wordless Wednesday)

Brain Scan. MomsicleBlog

Tea Party. MomsicleBlog

And the plane Jungle Juice. MomsicleBlogarrived on a tropical island.
Rumble Time. MomsicleBlogWith strange signs.


Note 1: That was not my hand holding the chameleon. (My family is like, We know that. You don’t hold animals. So who’s with the lizard?) That is a brave hand. Claire’s hand.

Note 2: Stickers are from Draw and Tell by Duck, Duck, Moose. It’s pretty awesome to be alone on a plane playing with preschool apps on your phone.

Note 3: I apologize that most of my Wordless Wednesday posts contain a lot of words. I like words.

4 responses to “A Version of Myself Got On a Plane (Wordless Wednesday)

  1. Okay, where are you headed mama sans kids? And why am I not in your luggage? Or better yet, sitting next to you with a cocktail in hand?

  2. Enjoy! I’m just gonna live vicariously through you if that’s okay..

  3. By the way, I thought about you ALLLLLLLLLL week long and now am planning my trip to Hawaii, thank you very much!

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