The Bend Ale Trail is the Perfect Weekend Away

Bend Oregon. MomsicleBlog

My husband and I are trying to make fun stuff happen in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, our pets K-Pants and Baby Woww are fun, but they’re fun in a very volatile, Hangover sort of way. Some morning, about 16 years from now, we’re going to wake up with splitting headaches and ask ourselves, “What just happened?!? Do you remember any of it?”

In the meantime, we’re adding in a few lucid moments without the gremlins. And thanks to my parents (thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you), we got a weekend away in Bend, Oregon. There’s a little secret about Oregon: A LOT of the state is high, dry, and dramatic with pine forests, plateaus, and high desert.

Bend Oregon. MomsicleBlog

Bend is three hours away, simple to drive to if the mountain passes aren’t snowed-in, and there is much beer to try!

Bend Oregon. MomsicleBlog

There’s also a super long list of outdoorsy, foodie, ski fun, but you can find that here. We focused on the Ale Trail, a hoppy little odyssey of 14 local breweries. We love discovering places through food and drink, and stopping in for a beer and an appetizer was a fantastic way to see different parts of the city, imbibe good beer, and nosh. 

Bend Oregon. MomsicleBlog

If you can only hit three breweries, do Crux Fermentation Project, Boneyard Beer, and Silver Moon Brewing. Here are the breathtaking taps at Crux.

Crux Fermentation Bend Oregon. MomsicleBlog

If you need to go to a just-a-restaurant-not-a-brewery, hit Zydeco Kitchen and Cocktails.

Zydeco Bend Oregon. MomsicleBlog

Zydeco Kitchen Bend

If you are searching for a food truck in Bend, definitely go to Glazed and Amused Doughnuts, where you can also have a zombie eat a Justin Bieber fan with every purchase.

Glazed and Amused Bend Oregon. MomsicleBlog

Look, it’s the Deschutes River!

Deschutes River Bend. MomsicleBlog

Deschutes Brewing is out of Bend, but I would say don’t waste your time going because it’s the exact same experience as in Portland. (Except that you might get a glimpse of how Pacific Northwesterners spell “y’all,” which is pretty cute….)

Not from the South. MomsicleBlog

I will leave you with the critical piece of Bend information: Crux Fermentation Project does happy hour at sunset every day, and their chunk of the sunset is damn satisfying.

Bend Oregon. MomsicleBlog

I would love to hear about your favorite Oregon getaway spots! I hear there’s a cool train through the Wallowas….


2 responses to “The Bend Ale Trail is the Perfect Weekend Away

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  2. I want to go to there!

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