Ikea Hack: Turning a Bed Frame Into a Table & Benches

I built a lot of stuff this summer, because

  1. In Oregon, when the sun comes out, you must leave the house, at once.
  2. We received a bed frame very much like this for free, but it didn’t have all its parts.

Ikea Bed Frame

What’s a girl to do but borrow her neighbor’s chop saw and grab a drill? But things got a little out of control.

It was kind of like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: If you give a girl an old bed frame, she’s going to build a picnic table, and some benches, and a robe hanger, and a wee little picnic table, and a house addition for Gilbert Haffernackle the yard elf.


You may remember that last summer I built a table out of a wooden pallet. No one in my family liked the pallet table. In fact, when my grandmother saw it, she suggested that she would give us money for outdoor furniture as a housewarming present. (Post update: My stepmom and littlest sister would like to go on record that they did like the table. Thank you to them for the unwavering support!)

So with the legs from the pallet table and the chopped up parts from the bed frame, we got a better table.

Ikea Hack. MomsicleBlog

No lethal splinters. So that’s cool.

Those benches are also from the bed frame. They were built to replace the camp chairs I’d put in our front yard. (Do you see a theme here? I call it white trash turns into somewhat-less white trash.)

Bed Frame into Baby Bench. MomsicleBlog

And then we needed a place to hang our robes.

Coat or Robe Hanger. MomsicleBlog

And then I made a kid picnic table because my husband got weirded out that I was keeping the new, big table in the front yard as an outdoor dining room. A kid picnic table somehow seemed more acceptable.

When a big picnic table and benches procreate they make a mini picnic table. MomsicleBlog

At the end of this there were three bed frame legs left, plus a bunch of chopstick-like scraps from our neighbor, so K-Pants and I built another wing for Gilbert Haffernackle the yard elf’s mansion using wood glue.

Haffernackle House. MomsicleBlog

K-Pants was like, “Mama, I am done with this craft.” And I was like, “Me too. I hate crafts. Why are we doing this?” But I think it’s pretty avante-garde-awesome, and it will probably get Gilbert Haffernackle into Architectural Digest.


4 responses to “Ikea Hack: Turning a Bed Frame Into a Table & Benches

  1. “Somewhat less white trash?”
    Audi contrare: you, my dear, simply up-cycled!

    • Yes, that’s it! We totally upcycled. But all of the upcycling still sits out in front or back of the house in the rain, so we’re not quite to the super-chic stage. 🙂

  2. It is my professional opinion that the addition to the Haffernackle residence has high architectural merit. It may even be significant as the work of a master. In 50 years it will certainly be eligible for listing on the National Register of Historical Places, and if Architectural Digest doesn’t feature it within the year, Dwell certainly will. A triumph!

    • I am planning the celebration party now for our coffee table book featuring the Haffernackle residence on the cover! BTW, Dwell is awesome. It magically started arriving at my house. I feel like your karma made it come my way. 🙂

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