5 Years of Marriage (Wordless Wednesday)

5 Years of Marriage. MomsicleBlog

And this is my favorite accessory.


Photo credit: Baby Woww (I didn’t know he took this photo until I was scanning through my camera roll. Guess he’s a romantic at heart. I used the iPhone app Aviary to edit it.)

10 responses to “5 Years of Marriage (Wordless Wednesday)

  1. Miss you all. Hope to see you soon! Daddio

  2. I think he may be a Creative Genius as well.

  3. The simplicity is breathtaking! Well done Ev and Baby Woww!

  4. Congratulations E and I wish you many more happy anniversaries with your hubby (and kiddos). On the other hand, I get flabbergasted at the pictures I found on the camera taken by my little monster. Pictures of the inside of her mouth, inside of my mouth, top of her head, top of my head, under my sofa (which I promptly deleted), close ups of my nose (also deleted), close ups of her dads nose (LOL)…gotta love them.

  5. Happy Anniversary .

  6. Congratulations! Love the photo, I feel exactly the same way about my ring .

  7. I love this picture! Baby Woww has a good eye

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