Portland Thorns 2013 Final Home Game: A Fan’s Photos

Portland Thorns. MomsicleBlog

I got all teary-eyed at last Sunday’s final Thorns home game (and not just because they lost in a dramatic game against Kansas City FC). Women’s professional soccer, world-class athletes, over 17,600 fans–oh the fans! Men, women, girls, and boys of all stripes.

Women’s professional sports will never be successful without the support of men and boys, so it is amazing seeing dads bringing their sons alongside moms, girls, and women of all ages. P-Town’s all-embracing soccer support showed–Sunday’s fans set the record for the largest attendance at a women’s pro soccer game in the U.S.

I’ll be bringing K-Pants next season! (I posted photos from the season opener here.)

If you are inspired, join the Rose City Riveters–the exuberant Thorns supporters–or at least buy tickets for a few games next season. I mean, they sell charcuterie boxes from Olympic Provisions at the concessions stands, so it’s a win-win.

Portland Thorns. MomsicleBlog


Portland Thorns. MomsicleBlog

Rose City Riveters. MomsicleBlog

Portland Thorns. MomsicleBlog

Portland Thorns. MomsicleBlog

Portland Thorns. MomsicleBlog

Portland Thorns. MomsicleBlog

Even though the Thorns lost, the fans were still very much in love. 🙂 Did I mention the Rose City Riveters? Even if you can’t get to a game, you can still support the supporters of women’s soccer by liking the Riveters on Facebook. Go on, do it!


Are you also in love with PDX? You may agree with my assessment that Blue Star Donuts kicks Voodoo’s a$$, here.


[Top photo credit: Larry Shoop]


13 responses to “Portland Thorns 2013 Final Home Game: A Fan’s Photos

  1. And I was fortunate enough to be there with you! Great game even better atmosphere. As a close British friend tells me, Rose City soccer is the closet you’ll get to the feeling of the Premiere League.

  2. What an awesome father-daughter activity!! Did you see your photo credit at the bottom? 🙂

  3. Hey, that’s me with the scarf in the last picture 🙂 Thanks for the writeup and your attendance. They are fun events for women and men, alike.

  4. Just read an article about a petition to have a women’s cycling race alongside the Tour de France. It’s shocking how little equality there is in that sport and yet they feel that promoting women’s cycling will do a lot to squash all the doping scandals… women are a good influence!
    As a girl who watches a lot of college football, too, I wonder about the lack of female participation there… although maybe we’re just too smart for that game. 😉

  5. I am embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t aware of the Thorns. I feel so foolish! Thank you for the great pics and for the information Evelyn :->

    • Yay! A new Thorns supporter. 🙂 Another cool Thorns fact: The Thorns games get better attendance than the average attendance of 8 mens MLS teams. So cool.

  6. My girl and I were there too! It was a great evening, only wish our ladies could have gotten the win. Seriously thinking about season tickets for next year.

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