And Here’s What Insanity Looks Like

Baby Woww turned 2 yesterday.

Two-year-old Insanity. MomsicleBlog

I apologize for not being one of those parents who posts a loving look back at his most adorable moments, and a sweet message about what a joy it is to be his parent.

(But if you want, you can find my other favorite photo of him here.)

Baby Woww’s gift to us on his second birthday was the introduction of an incredibly high-pitched whine that is also a scream.

I shall call it the Scrine. The Scrine is used to say such things as:

  • I want a graham cracker.
  • I like this burrito.
  • Stop looking at me.
  • I want to hit you (wait, too late, already happened).

But you know what, Baby Woww? I’ve already been down this path with your brother, so I say Bring it! 

And it’s hard to resist that curly hair, so my present to you is that we will definitely keep you around. Plus we love you a lot.

I'm In Charge Anyhow. MomsicleBlog

He’s scrining: “Whatever. I own this popsicle stand.”


4 responses to “And Here’s What Insanity Looks Like

  1. He is just super duper adorable!

  2. You always crack me up! Love the “scrine” and love how you aren’t overly sentimental about your kids. By the way, I did a total second take of that last picture of him in the t-shirt. At first, it didn’t look like the word “yuck” and I was going to be all shocked and stuff…. 🙂

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