Living Wills, Trusts, & Loan Modifications: The Marks of a True Woman

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I’ve been having to do some grown-a$$ sh%t lately. It deserves a four letter word.

I have kids.

But that definitely does not make me grown up. (What up Teen Mom!?).

Yeah, kids are hard. But Snooki can do it, so come on. 

I own a house.

But we still haven’t climbed out of the recession that allowed people to get balloon mortgages for 110% of their house value.

That is not grown up–that’s just taking candy from a candy store.

But you know what is grown-up?

Like, no one is ever going to make a reality show out of this stuff, or lament over the gilded decadence of these decisions, or even want to discuss this sh%t over a kid-free cappuccino?

  • Wills and living wills,
  • Transferring and consolidating 401k’s, and
  • Loan modifications.

Throw in there some serious mattress shopping and a trip to the car dealer for a recall repair, and you know you are a grown-a$$ woman.


You want to sign up for the get-grown-quick trifecta?


6 responses to “Living Wills, Trusts, & Loan Modifications: The Marks of a True Woman

  1. Stacy S. Jensen

    Wills and living wills are a MUST! Kids or no kids.

  2. Love you! Love your show!

  3. Lol…. Yes, those words all make me feel like running and hiding. I think, how did my parents know how to do this stuff, did they feel like me (which means like a complete idiot) about this, and this, THIS, is why I feel like a crabby-pants momma sometimes and not a whatever goes momma. Because there are times when being a grown up SUCKS! Although being able to go get myself an ice cream whenever I want does make up for some of those times 🙂

  4. I hear ya sista. BTW, we’re trying to put an offer on that house tonight, but Wendi is outa town and her backup isn’t calling me back. Come on! I wan’t to spend $XXX,XXX tonight. Why won’t anyone help me?

  5. Omg I needed to read this today. I thought I was a bad ass cuz I got my life insurance policy set up and own a home (well, in 30 yrs it’ll be mines lol). But clearly I’m not as grown as I thought. Ive been putting off the will/living will thing for a while now . But with 2 teen boys I need to get it together asap. Thanks for the reminder

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