I Went to a Parenting Conference So Now I Know Everything

I hate going to conferences. While I’m there I usually want to poke my eyes out with a fork. That’s probably because “experts” aren’t always great presenters.

But on Saturday I went to the Parent Child Preschools Organization’s Building Lifelong Learners conference. Though based on my session selections, it should have been called Clinging to Your Sanity. (I went to “Challenging Behaviors I,” “Challenging Behaviors II,” and “Success with Siblings.”)

K-Pants has been having more tantrums lately. Baby Woww learned to scream. And if I’m not being hit, then they’re probably hitting each other. It’s not really that bad. Sometimes they pull each others’ hair.

Truly I have very easygoing kids who are generally well-behaved at preschool, for grandparents, and at other people’s houses, but I’m with them a lot of the time, and, well, momma needs some new strategies.

So I packed all the gourmet food I could find in my house and headed to a conference on Saturday at 8 a.m.

It was easier to leave after Baby Woww threw a jar of peanut butter on my toes in the midst of a fit that seemed like it might last all day.

Bye, Honey! Did I mention that I signed up for two afternoon sessions– Happy Hour I and Happy Hour II? I’ll be back late.

I wish. But you know what, I had a great presenter (the same woman, Lynn Collins) for all sessions.

Here’s my main takeaway: I’m doing a good job. And so are you.

We all try to be consistent and stick to our guns. We try to keep our kids safe and find positive ways for them to play. We feed them, show them they’re loved, read to them, and look out for their general well-being.

Even though we’d all like for the cameras to pan in on our parenting at any time and find us in the midst of another amazing moment of positive discipline, that ain’t always happening. And that’s okay.

Lynn said that about 10% of our parenting is filled with the amazing, teachable moments we strive for; 80% is us getting by, trying to make sure our kids are doing well and the rules haven’t been thrown out the window; and the other 10% is when dragon-parent comes out.

(Lately Dragon Lady had been making more of an appearance at our house, which is why I was there.)

I’m not sure that this parenting breakdown is what Lynn wanted to be my biggest takeaway–she said it as kind of an aside–but I’m pretty sure her goal was to empower us as parents. And I feel good knowing that I’m doing okay.


am excited to share some more specific ideas for the benefit of friends who had wanted to attend, especially from “Success with Siblings,” which I found to be the most useful. In the meantime, here’s to you!

8 responses to “I Went to a Parenting Conference So Now I Know Everything

  1. So glad to hear that the classes were good. They really should have a Happy Hour 1 and Happy Hour 2 though

  2. Enlighten me with the “Success with Siblings” class P.L.E.A.S.E.

  3. Fantastic! I am so glad to hear it. There are plenty of moments to doubt that I’m doing a good job, most of them during the hitting/screaming tantrums. His and mine. (ahem)
    I agree, though, that it’s easy to lose track of all that we’re doing right because it can seem (or really be) small amounts of time when it feels like that. It’s hard to think that all the struggles, fights, arguments, attempts at consistency really are getting us somewhere. So, thanks for telling us so!

  4. I like that 10-80-10 stat. It makes me feel better about my parenting. 🙂

  5. I’m totally picking your brain next time I see you!! The 10-80-10 thing also made me breath a sigh go relief.

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