What Do You Do with Red High Heels?

I bought these red shoes.

I think this is what Dorothy wore in Oz.

I’m going to be a bridesmaid. And my future sister-in-law said get red shoes that aren’t too stripperish.


When else would I buy myself red, 24-inch heels?


What do you think?

I probably should’ve avoided Jessica Simpson as my designer of choice, but you only live once.

It’ll be hard not to wear these bad boys with my regular wardrobe.

Though they’re more likely to end up here.

High class front yard construction site. MomsicleBlog

I don’t wear heels. I would tower so far over my little gremlins, and I would probably puncture their feet. But I love them (shoes AND gremlins, although the shoes don’t ever throw books in the bathtub or scream at incredibly high decibels).

So aside from the occasional trip to the dentist or the grocery store, for now I’m going to put my new babies back in their bin and hope they remain unscathed.

Maybe I should get them a dog bed. MomsicleBlog


8 responses to “What Do You Do with Red High Heels?

  1. Too funny: I have a pair of these that I bought for my sister’s bridal shower. And their life is similar to your pair’s. In a box, since I worry they are too, um, flashy and can’t walk in them anyway. But they were on sale at DSW and well, yes. I note that you now have a tag called “not too stripperish”?!

  2. I love “no too stripperish” red heels. I wear them to the grocery store on a Tuesday morning for a little “I’m awesome no matter what anyone says” pick me up. Fear not! I will make it my business to come visit you once a year for red heels and jeans nite to ensure you get your wear out of them. Think of it as an investment in future shenanigans!

    • Grocery store on a Tuesday morning–I love it! I NEED practice so that I don’t fall down six hundred times at the wedding. The grocery store is the perfect place. And anything is a good investment if it assures future shenanigans! xoxo 🙂

  3. Valentines, the red holiday, is coming up ~ wear them. Grocery store, library, … enjoy! (Foot massage later).

  4. These are awesome heels!!! 😉

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