Caramel Apples & Chocolate

So this really nice thing happened yesterday.

An unexpected box from Amy’s Gourmet Apples arrived on the front porch.

Since I’m paranoid, I opened it outside, where the neighbors could hear when the package bomb exploded. Or they could see if I started writhing and screaming from some kind of small-scale chemical warfare. Because we all know mysterious boxes are bound to have anthrax and nerve gas.

But here I am, typing, 24 hours after opening the box and devouring the caramel, nut, chocolate, and pretzel apples inside.

It was not anthrax. MomsicleBlog

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law sent the package because I had such a rough week with the gremlins. 

It came the day after I had finished the last chocolate bar my friend Sara had dropped off as a show of hope and solidarity, that somehow, somewhere, it may just be possible to raise thoughtful, independent, non-whiny children.

The verdict is still out, but I have to say that this sugar-induced coma has made me a better parent for the moment.

So, THANK YOU. And thanks to everyone who reaches out to a parent on the brink of an eminent meltdown. It is very appreciated.

3 responses to “Caramel Apples & Chocolate

  1. After reading this and the island of unfit mothers I hope you’re getting more than just sweets. Sounds like it’s time for a massage, ladies happy hour night out and some alone time and not necessarily in that order. Parenting is a tough job but you’re obviously doing lots of things right, just look at those two adorable gremlins! So stinking cute. Gotta put yourself first every now and again. Taking care of the kids, the house and your man can be exhausting and draining. The next time I watch your kids maybe you could do something fun for yourself like a trip to the museum or take in a movie:)

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  3. YUM! I’m glad it wasn’t a bomb.

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