I Am Not Hung Over from New Year’s Eve

This was me on New Year’s Eve, tipsy and carefree, with one of my girls.

Yes, that's an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. MomsicleBlog

In 2007.


My husband and I Skyped with his brother and fiancé before New Year’s Eve, and we discovered that we both had the same plans to possibly be in bed before midnight.

Just one reason my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law are so awesome.

However, their plans pre-midnight included dinner out with another couple, a friend’s party, and possibly seeing a band.

Our pre-midnight plans were hanging out at my mom’s house playing board games.

This is definitely non-alcoholic.

Then K-Pants peed in the bed my grandma was going to use. So I was cleaning up pee with warm water and vinegar and drying a mattress with a hair dryer.

We’ll consider that 2012’s swan song.

Scene of the crime

We did have some spiked egg nog and Martinelli’s.

And, admittedly it was exactly the way my husband and I wanted to spend New Year’s Eve.

My sister went to a rave. And we were like, “Have fun at THAT.”

By 11:30 p.m. we were already at home in our PJs doing the farewell fist pump with Snooki and JWoww on MTV.

Hope your New Year’s Eve was just as fulfilling. And here’s to 2013!


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9 responses to “I Am Not Hung Over from New Year’s Eve

  1. A rave? I thought those only existed in the 90’s. Well that just shows how uninformed I am in all things hip. Sorry you had to clean up pee on New Year’s Eve. That stinks.

  2. Ha! Laughed out loud reading this! Sounds very like our New Years Eve! We weren’t sure if we could stay awake til midnight but we managed to ring in the New Year with a clink of champagne & were in the land of zzz’s by 12.15am!!!!!! Ah, the life of new parents!!!!! Xxxxx

  3. I don’t think I’ve greeted a new year since 2007 – that 3rd kid did me in. I have cleaned urine from a mattress approximately 152 times. Cheers to board games and spiked egg nog at home.

  4. I had a blast at my son’s house on both days and spent time with da “Lil Man”! New Year’s Day, I had a bit of Aramula w/vanilla ice cream–and I made sure I got my buzz! LOL If I had laughed too much harder, I may have been the one needing the diaper the way the Lil Man kept cracking me up! He’s six months old now and he’s got his daddy TRAINED! Seriously! 😉

    • That sounds like a similarly *wonderful* New Year’s! And that little vanilla ice cream treat sounds simple and delicious. So glad you’re enjoying the Lil Man and his family. 🙂

  5. Celebrating new year’s is so overrated. I would much rather go over someone’s house or have people over and stuff ourselves and play board games and drink spiky things. But the pee, you can keep. Happy new year, friend! ❤

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