A Few Sample Questions from the Oregon Driver’s Test


If you own a Prius or a Subaru please proceed directly to the photo line: You have already passed the test. Otherwise, please select from the options below.

When is it acceptable to go the speed limit in Oregon? 

A. When commuting via bicycle

B. When trying to stop someone from passing you on the freeway

C. Never

How soon after a green light should you start going?

A. 5 seconds

B. 10 seconds

C. When you finish disciplining your kids

On the freeway, what is the purpose of the passing lane?

A. Listening to NPR

B. Eating a sandwich

B. Enjoying a cup of Stumptown or Black Rock coffee

Is honey vegan?

A. Yes

B. No

Where can you buy a copy of Cartopia: Portland’s Food Cart Revolution by Kelly Rodgers and Kelley Roy?

A. Powell’s City of Books

B. Direct from the authors

C. NOT at any chain bookstore



6 responses to “A Few Sample Questions from the Oregon Driver’s Test

  1. I appreciate your driving critiques!! My father developed major road rage when he moved here. My mother drives in Queens NY & always has a nasty running commentary going while she drives. You should hear her in Oregon! I used to be quite a driver but then I got tickets and there’s only so many defensive driving courses a gal can take. Now I’m always caught giving my kids cheddar bunnies or thinking something over before it dawns on me that the light has changed. Yes, I have become one of THOSE drivers ;)!

    • I’m one of THOSE drivers when it comes to trying to make sure the kids have snacks and toys at the stop lights. And really it’s not so bad that the state generally drives the speed limit, is it?

      • You are right, going the speed limit is an under appreciated thing! However, going the speed limit (or under) in the passing lane while texting or fiddling with one’s phone is nerve wracking!

  2. I think I missed #3 on the real driving test.

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