Seattle: Finally a Weekend Away

I’ve been away from the blog enjoying an intoxicating drink from the fountain of youth by traveling with my girlfriend Jackie to Seattle. It was good to work off the blogger’s butt by unplugging and venturing out.

It seems like after you have kids you blink and it’s been four years since you’ve had a girls’ trip. I’ve had two nights away with my husband in the last four years, and that was completely amazing. But I was pregnant both times, so they could have been improved by a little more wine.

I’m barely literate after watching too many campaign ads, so I’m sticking to photos for this post. Hopefully they inspire you to get your own girls’ weekend away, or couples’ weekend away, or whatever adventure you need.

Planning a getaway to Seattle? Two days in Seattle is a great website to help you put some paint on canvas for your trip. 


Got any great stories of simple, rejuvenating trips away? I’m compiling a to-do list…

7 responses to “Seattle: Finally a Weekend Away

  1. I vote some day WE go on a girl’s weekend!!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful city rain or shine. Glad you’re having fun!

  3. How fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures and gurrrl, you deserve to get out more 🙂 My kids are older, but I aim for at least 2x a year – it keeps mama happy.

    Also, I checked out the Seattle website and it is awesome. We are thinking of another spring break Seattle trip because we didn’t get to do everything we wanted last year and this is a great resource, thanks!

  4. Wow! Looks like so much fun. Yeah, getaways when you are pregnant don’t really count. So glad you had a break!

  5. It’s been way too long ago to even remember the stories. I plan to catch up on those trips when we move back to Oregon and I’m not 2,000 miles away from all my best gal pals… My Bestie and I love a good Oregon coast trip!

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