Here Comes the House Destroyer

This post is basically gratuitous cute photos. Feel free to stick your
finger down your throat and go read an edgier blog. I warned you:


Right now, Baby Woww is like a small McGruber from Saturday Night Live: all action, no brains.

[Cue theme song.]

He may only be one, but he’s incredibly destructive: BABY WOWW!

Here he is saving lives with household objects.

Apparently at some point children become helpful.

Or at least capable of putting things away.

Right now he’s the House Destroyer.


Please leave a comment about how you’d rather read about salad recipes, and that I can go stuff my photos.


13 responses to “Here Comes the House Destroyer

  1. I imagine that’s why babies are designed to be so adorable… so it’s hard to be upset when they destroy your house. By the way, I snapped a picture of Woww while I was there, which I should send to you.

  2. Ah, to be so carefree and messy. He resembles someone else in the family.

  3. Salads are boring. (Unless there are things like blue cheese and pine nuts in ’em.) Baby Woww, that floppy little newborn I held just last year, will always have a place in my heart. The Little Hurricane and the Big Sa-PWIZE!! can visit my place any time.

  4. Yup, Jakiah is right there with him! And, he has no fear what so ever!! Totally different than having a girl!

  5. If he wasn’t so adorable he would be in a LOT of trouble ha ha ha :-). Nevertheless, the first picture reminds me oh so much of his uncle. You know the one I’m talking about (wink, wink nudge, nudge say no more). That smoldering, baby look. I. Cannot. Resist.

  6. Love your blog, I just found it. Added to my favorites as we are planning a move to Oregon. next year from Alaska to be closer to family (I was raised in OR. but now have 2 boys of my own) Love all the P-town pics. makes me homesick… B.

  7. Just keep those gratuitously cute baby pictures coming (but the salads are nice too!)

  8. How about a baby in a salad? Love the photos. Never too many!

  9. I just found your blog, and had a laugh out loud moment when I saw the pics of your little guy because I have been THERE, mine earned the nickname Captain Chaos when he was little. He is 7 now and it’s a different sorta chaos but the energy level remains! And he has a big sister who is 15, and the experience has been night and day, black and white. Thanks for the smile and the memory!!

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