The other day a friend of ours asked K-Pants if he knew how to spell his name. The Pants said Yes! Followed by: “K-Pants, 3, Preschool.”

The Pants’s ability to put letters together is still spotty.

So in the absence of being able to spell, he just gave his full dossier: “K-Pants, 3, Preschool.” That’s what it would say if you looked him up on or saw his FBI wanted poster.

K-Pants. Three-years-old. About to attend preschool. Dark hair. Twenty-fifth percentile for weight. May be seen pooping in his front yard. 

We weren’t sure about this whole preschool thing.

It sounded like paying through the nose to have someone care for your child for about the amount of time it took to drive home, unload the second child, change his diaper, and get back in the car.

And if you weren’t paying through the nose, then you were going to be in the classroom helping every day of the week. Don’t get me wrong, helping at your child’s school is awesome, but I was left wondering what’s in it for me with this preschool thing.

Also, I don’t like doing in-depth research. And I don’t like open houses. So we let the preschool registration circus blow by and decided that other people could have well-adjusted children who were able to work in teams.

But then time continued to pass, and K-Pants kept chugging along the developmental timeline.

It seems that kids his age are ready to play in groups and really interested in having friends. Baby Center probably told me that in one of their emails I deleted.

As a side note, full-time parents like moi are occasionally about to pull their hair out in the afternoon as they burn dinner and wonder why the children are crying again.

Plus I kept hearing great things about this preschool nearby.

So I looked online and saw that there was an open spot for a three-year-old boy in the afternoon class. Fate! Karma! Kismet?

Who knows? Who cares? We filled out a form and sent an email with an isn’t-he-cute photo. I got an email back wondering if I might like to tour the school–apparently most parents do that. Also, did I want to fill out a registration form rather than the emergency contacts form?

Done, and done!

We used to live in New York City, so I was ready to submit my child to a battery of aptitude tests and bring in a vial of blood, but apparently all they needed were a couple of additional forms and a check.

So here we are boarding the train for preschool. I’m hoping it will help K-Pants learn to express himself without throwing things.


12 responses to “Preschool

  1. Congratulations! Time flies.

  2. Preschool is such a fun time. The craziness we go through to get there is legendary. In some cases it’s as cut-throat as a Black Friday sale. What a milestone for your whole family. Enjoy!

  3. That pretty much exactly describes our own journey to preschool!
    Anna LOVED it, and we even ended up putting Eric in a year earlier than we did Anna because he clearly wanted it so badly, too. Silly kids! 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to hear the follow up!

  5. Yes, I did a couple open houses, got overwhelmed thinking about questions from my other mom friends and so, I stopped. I figure my son will be fine. Although I am thinking about the benefits of those few hours when he is at school… just long enough to collect my thoughts but not actually act on them. Baby steps, you know?
    Oh, and I meant to mention this on another of your posts.. some of the highlights of visiting Portland, in pictures. I love your photos. I’m curious about how you get the colors to be so stunning?

    • Hi Jill! Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments over the last weeks! It really makes my day. Love what you say about just enough time to collect your thoughts but not act on them!
      Pictures: You know the best for me has been using the great photo apps on the iPhone. I love the effects on Instagram and Hipstamatic. For the Portland in pictures post, I just played around with the settings in iPhoto. Happy picturing! I look forward to seeing more of yours!

  6. My first two boys were in day care because I worked from the time they were born so they loved preschool, but I was home with my youngest, Kevin until he was 3 1/2…When HE went to preschool, it was an adventure–to say the least…I won’t go into it here, but I was working 2-3 jobs so I made his dad go to open house! The dueling Tupperware and Avon brigades were NOT happy that I didn’t show up either. Oh well…I don’t regret it! His teacher was very understanding because she knew one of my bosses! 😉

  7. Hey…the good thing about TX and school of any kind is tax free weekend! All clothing and shoes TAX FREE! My grandson will make out like a bandit! 😀

  8. Love the post — and you will love preschool (and so will K)! We put Junius in the first preschool we visited and we’re still there with Pippi 6 years later.

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