After Nap Treat

You might remember that over the holidays I let K-Pants eat cookies until he threw up. I was having a natural consequences moment. But after 17 cookies he was still going strong with no symptoms of tummy ache and he was looking with hungry eyes at the next dozen.

Well it’s been a slow detox since December, but we’re down to one treat per day: the After Nap Treat. The Pants lives for the After Nap Treat.

It’s generally his choice what to pick. He really enjoys those disgusting, chalky Valentine’s hearts. And cookies. But his personal favorites are things that come wrapped in foil. I try to hide them, but sometimes in the morning just after he wakes up, he’ll glimpse a treat’s shiny corner in the kitchen and demand to have a nap right then.

“Pees, Mama. Nap now?”

He figures if he wakes up from nap around mid-morning then the rest of the day will rain sugar.

I will tell you that the After Nap Treat has helped solidify nap time atop its proper pedestal in the toddler household. We’re really lucky that K-Pants is a sleeper, but why not ice that cake with a little cocoa and sugar and butter wrapped in gold foil?

The nap-now-please thing came to a head this week after I made a batch of peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cookies. Possibly the best I’ve made. The house still smelled like them in the morning and K-Pants, well, he was in love.

I was up changing Baby Woww out of pajamas, and The Pants headed downstairs alone. Apparently he pushed his toddler chair up to the counter and snatched a cookie. I know this because instead of downing that sweet thing right there in the kitchen, he carried it gently back upstairs for some negotiations.

  • “Pees, Mama. I want cookie NOW.”
  • “No, sorry. After nap.”
  • “Nap now Mama?”
  • “Put the cookie down please.”

K-Pants raised the cookie gently to his soft lips, brushing a few crumbs across them, and then set the cookie down. “Smell good, Mama.”

I caught him lifting the cookie up and pressing it gently to his lips a couple more times, sating himself with some cookie dust.

It kind of warmed my heart, and reminded me that although The Pants looks exactly like my husband’s baby pictures, there’s a lot of me inside.


12 responses to “After Nap Treat

  1. Wow. I love the idea of an after-nap treat, the fact that Pants would try to hurry up the nap to get to the treat already, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (definitely gonna have to try that recipe!). But I’m really really impressed with K-Pants’ self-control. Have you heard about the marshmallow experiments? According to that research, K-Pants is a master at self-control, which basically means that he’ll be a wild success with life in general. I, on the other hand, would struggle mightily to brush such a cookie across my lips and not take a bite. I have to put them out of sight, and even then, they don’t last long in our house.

  2. Hysterical! I was sure he was going to pull the stool up and eat all the cookies on the counter while you were out of the room, but what a good kid. (In my thinking, that kind of self-control could even win you a second cookie.)

  3. I may have to try this. We just changed beds and he does ok at night, but not during naptime. Perhaps a treat would help naptime here.

  4. I love the after nap treat! Suzie used to go an evening errand if she took a nap. It’s only a trip to the drug store, gas station, or grocery, but it’s just her an me or her and her daddy. That one on one time is priceless. And it bought us about 6 months more of naps. Sadly, naps are now gone…no matter what we promise her. Enjoy those naps as long as you can!

  5. Finally getting around to reading this and I am so impressed with his self control! Is he sharing his technique because I do not have any self control around sweets. Also, if I told Sam he could have something after nap…that would just mean a shorter nap. 😦 I did that once with swimming. I told him we were going swimming after nap and he barely slept. Now I keep things SECRET…in fact, he didn’t even know he was having a second birthday party till after he woke up from nap on the day of his party. 🙂

  6. And for that good behavior I am sending him a kiss. What a good boy. I have heard also of Marshmallow experiment and it always manages to surprise and bewilder me every time I read about it.

    Please write about how it is being a mommy of two. I mean, specifics like how you juggle the two with chores, work….you know in case some of us are wondering on procreating any time soon. I am of course talking about a friend of mine :-).


  7. Mmmmm. Those cookies were good. Cookie mooching is just one of many excellent perks of living closer to you. I’m also very impressed with K-Pant’s self control. Of course, with a mom like you, it’s no shock. 🙂

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