The Gratitude Awards

It’s one of my resolutions to show more gratitude this year. Gratitude blogs and tweets and posts are popping up all over, which is awesome, because more gratitude can only be good for the world. Right? This seems like a no brainer.

But life tends to get in the way of the good-for-us resolutions.

Like moving. With two little kids. Unexpectedly. (I already punched-it-out about this last week.)

But that is no excuse, so let’s get on with the gratitude. Because when life threw us a big blessing that was seemingly coated in shards of glass, you know who stepped up? ALL of our friends and family. And the only reason that I was able to leave my unpacked house to sit at a coffee shop and write this post a mere three weeks after moving is because of them.

This could be classified simply as a list of people who will still talk to me after the move, but that doesn’t capture what they did for us.

So the knock-your-socks-off awesome, down-and-dirty, cleaning-cooking-hefting Gratitude Awards go to (in alphabetical order):

My dad, stepmom, brother, and sister, who watched both boys while I went to the dentist in the middle of the chaos, and then took the boys while I painted, and entertained Baby Woww all day while the heavy lifting happened.

Emily, who did a drive-by pulled-porking. In case you haven’t been the recipient of one of these, it involves an incredibly busy mom-of-two slowing down outside your house to leave an amazingly delicious, homemade pulled pork dinner that lasts for at least three meals. My husband was particularly fond of this.

My sister Hillary, her boyfriend Big WowwMike, and Colin, who allowed themselves to be bought off with a little cash, burritos, and some Thai food in order to move ALL of our furniture from one house to the next. Bonus: they set up our cable and the computer so that we were watching movies and emailing by the end of the day.

Jamie, who had K-Pants over to her house while I painted and also helped me organize both my new kitchen and garage.

Joy, who came over to hold down the fort at the new house while we finished up things at the old house. We were dizzy, but she was calm and even cleaned our kitchen.

Lyndsey, who has two kids, yet still came over to hang out with my kids so I could finish cleaning the old house. Not only did she take a whole afternoon out of her life, she left us homemade Valentine’s cookies.

My mom and stepdad, who whisked K-Pants away to be spoiled at the grandparent spa overnight and all day while we moved furniture. He’s still in detox.

Neela, who came to watch the kids and then insisted on helping clean and did not relent until she had scrubbed down one of the bathrooms in the old house AND cleaned the fronts of the cabinets.

Suzanne, who came over to hold down the fort at the old house while my husband and I moved boxes of stuff. So. much. stuff.

And nominations also go to:

Cindy, Bridgit, Jodi, and dozens of others who offered emotional, edible, and physical support and cut us a LOT of slack. We are SO glad you are still speaking to us. And I’ll be taking the next ten months to calm down and say



5 responses to “The Gratitude Awards

  1. Thank you Ev. It was our pleasure. It’s always a good day when we spend time with the boys.

  2. Aw so sweet! Where would we be without the support of family and friends 😉
    I’ve no doubt everyone was returning the kindness that you always show them Ev.

  3. Thank you Evelyn! I can’t believe you’re able to think about being nice after moving with two young children. You really are too kind.
    Enjoy settling in!

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