Photo Adventure: Oregon Winter Family Activities

On Saturday Baby Woww and I went snowshoeing for the first time with some good friends.

Snowshoeing is the perfect snow sport for people who don’t like heights, inclines, high speeds, special car racks, feeling out of control, or going to the Olympics.*

The next day, The Chaos Team (that’s us: Baby Woww, K-Pants, and me) headed out–amidst slush flurries–to the Pearl District to try out hot chocolate at Pearl Bakery and Sisters Coffee Company.** Pearl Bakery’s motto is “Eat Bread.” Power to the carbolicious lifestyle!

These shots are from an old model iPhone using the following Apps: Photoshop for iPhone, Instagram (username: Momsicle), and Hipstamatic. Please share your favorite photo apps–I’d love to try some new ones!


*REI teaches a one-hour snowshoeing basics class. Perhaps during the first half you learn how to put on socks and shoes, and in the second half you do an energy bar tasting?
**I’m collecting hot chocolate experiences, so if you have can’t-miss Portland suggestions, let me know. I want to go to there.

8 responses to “Photo Adventure: Oregon Winter Family Activities

  1. Great photos! I hope my instagram photos look this nice. (I’m a poor judge of my own work.) Also, I have a friend from grad school, who I heard rumor won some sort of national snowshoeing competition… so, even if you can’t go to the Olympics, apparently there are snowshoeing accolades to be won!

  2. You went snowshoeing wearing a baby?!? I went while pregnant a couple of kids ago and the extra weight almost killed me. I am seriously impressed!

    • Wearing a baby is WAY easier than being pregnant! I’m tired just thinking about snowshoeing pregnant. But one of our friends did it–that was the belly shot. You guys should get awards!

  3. Snoeshowing sounds like Pilates. A form of fun that tricks you into exercising!

    Camera apps I like: Snapseed*, DerManDar*, Cameramatic ($1)
    * free when I downloaded it
    Twitter app that has revolutionised how I use Twitter: TweetBot ($3)

  4. P.S. love the Pants’ sneaky little hand reaching for that macaron…

  5. You had me at “Eat Bread”.

  6. Had me before anything edible was mentioned! I live in a place where by some miracle it actually snowed TWICE in a year’s time and rain is a tourist attraction! We even had snow on Christmas Eve and I haven’t seen that since I lived in Omaha, NE years ago. Been in many states since too. I love the pics! I miss having real seasons! Thank you for sharing! 😉

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