Welcome to a New Year, and Another Move

Happy 2012! We’ve been taking advantage of New Year’s resolutions and organizing the house.

This should have been done back in the spring when all that cleaning typically happens. But a top-to-bottom house organization project just isn’t that much fun. And two kids in diapers provide a pretty full-time distraction from closet-sorting.

But we just found out we have to move. Our landlords are moving back in to the cute little house we’ve been renting. That kind of news makes your heart sink. Because with two kids we’re just not as mobile, and we also want to establish ourselves without having to load the wagons and head to another frontier every year.

I was lying in bed pondering our fate when it occurred to me that my current mattress has lived in seven different bedrooms since 2003. That’s a lot. And I would love for it to rest in the same location for a while.

The silver lining on this rain cloud is that we’ll get to try on a new house for size, we’ll meet some new people, and hopefully we’ll be right down the same block. Someday soon we’ll even get to settle in for a longer.

The blog is going to be a little more intermittent for the next few weeks as we pack up and move on. I love writing and interacting with friends, other writers, and wonderful followers, and I think 2012 is going to be a great year for Momsicle… starting in February. See you soon!

7 responses to “Welcome to a New Year, and Another Move

  1. If you need help moving, call my agent 🙂 Love you, Daddio

  2. And if you need help organizing your house for the move or figuring out what to keep and what to toss, have your people call my people (okay, me) at reSPACEd. I’m a former Baby Boot Camper and professional organizer, who specializes in working with families. A top-to-bottom house organization project sounds like fun to me. Yup, it’s quite possible I’m from another planet ….

  3. Good luck moving–it’s difficult enough without kids!

  4. GAH! Moving again. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I know you’re still in the process. Hang in there. Can’t wait to hear about your cute new house!

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