Groaning Cheese: The Most Awesome Baby Present Ever

For the birth of Baby Woww, my friend Caitlin got all old school on me and aged a wheel of cheddar cheese.

That’s right! She made Baby Woww a wheel of cheese basically out of thin air (which is what I call it when cheese appears in your kitchen without cellophane and a price-per-pound sticker).

Caitlin is amazing: She drew up plans and made a cheese press for apartment use. She experiments with mozzarella and camembert and all kinds of arcane varieties of the good stuff. She considers ricotta elementary.

You can read about her adventures over at Milk’s Leap.

Due to Caitlin’s cheese awesomeness I conveniently overlook the fact that she loves the University of Oregon (Boo! Booooo!! Go Beavs!!). Plus, before she became a Duck in grad school she was my undergrad roommate.

Given the choice, I would always rather live with Caitlin than alone. She’s that good. We’ll overlook a questionable goldfish suicide incident and just mention her awesomeness in the areas of literature, architecture, and fromage. Particularly fromage.

[Here are the contents of the box she sent for Baby Woww (ignore the duck).]

Caitlin discovered this Medieval-era tradition of making Groaning Cheese for pregnant women. Basically, this particular cheddar has the same gestation period as a baby. And after delivering her baby, an exhausted mother would be thrilled to have some food around to feed her guests (and herself!).

The cheese was eaten from the inside out to leave only the rind, which the baby would be passed through for good luck. Baby Woww was too big for that, but…

Baby Woww is now officially baptized by cheese (which is something I know a lot of my foodie friends will think is really freakin’ cool!).

Plus this cheese was good. Really, really good. We made it into part of some lovely antipastos, created delicious and melty dijon-grilled-cheese sandwiches, and even used it to add some class to beans and rice.

As K-Pants would say, “Deeeeeeenummy!” Thank you, Caitlin!

14 responses to “Groaning Cheese: The Most Awesome Baby Present Ever

  1. That is so totally freaking cool! I never knew that about the tradition and such! I love it when you post because I am always learning new stuff–and I raised 3 kids! Between you and a few other friends of mine–I’ll graduate from the school of “Whatever It’s Name Is” in no time! LOL I want more! 😀 That cheese looks good too, and I will check out Caitlin’s blog! I’ve learned new things this week from others too! Have a great week! Baby Wow is a doll! The eyes have it! 😉

    • I know–we should be able to apply for online credit from somewhere to count towards all the good intel we get from other parents. I majored in Medieval and Renaissance History and didn’t know anything about Groaning Cheese. Leave it to Caitlin… 🙂

  2. Thanks for the sweet post! I would rather live with you than alone too. I will kick my cat out if you ever want to come be my roomy again. We can play alarm clock roulette! And of course there will be plenty of cheese. Great pictures too – I may steal a few, if you don’t mind. Love the one of the baptism especially!

    • Watch out kitty! Cait, I do have one issue. I forgot to save you the rind and now you might never get married. I’m trying to decide if I would have another baby just to get another round of cheese… Then we would be able to do that walking backwards, rind thing. 😉 I think you have the dating thing handled on your own, but I will do almost anything for homemade cheese.

      • I dunno, I can always use help in the dating department, so I might have to make you another cheese for my own sake. Maybe we can work something out retroactively for K-Pants’ birth!

  3. OK, that is the absolute best present EVER. I wish I could register with her. 🙂

  4. That is so awesome!

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  6. Cheese, glorious cheese! I am now officially jealous.

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