Newborn Sleep Deprivation Is Making Me Crazy

Baby Woww’s rating on the Cute-ometer is rapidly plummeting.

Usually I think he’s cute about 90% of the time. K-Pants thinks he’s cute about 7% of the time. The rest of the time he thinks Baby Woww is annoying, distracting, or here.

But—and I remember this from K-Pants’s infanthood—there are a few dark moments when the baby goes from he’s-totally-adorable to why-won’t-he-just-go-away. I mean just for an hour, so I can take a nap. Please God, let me take a nap.

These are the moments that make me understand where the terms cry it out and self-soothing came from…

A normally sane mom decides she absolutely must have a shower. The baby won’t have it. No shower! Pick me up! Now! Do it now! Do it! And the mom feels her grease-hardened hair and jumps in the shower anyway.

The baby is furious. Fine! I will cry so hard my body will shake and my lip will quiver and I will turn red.

This is where my husband would say, “Just let him cry if you’re having a frustrating moment.” And I agree with my husband—I can’t pick the baby up every single time he needs it. Occasionally I have to get something done. But ignoring the crying is like leaving a piece of glass in your eye.

Still, I am a firm believer in showers and parental sanity. I mean, if you pick up that baby all day long and totally neglect your own care, you’re going to do something crazy. In fact, it makes me wonder how there aren’t more new mothers doing psycho s*&t out there. I guess enough of us jump in the shower.


16 responses to “Newborn Sleep Deprivation Is Making Me Crazy

  1. Those sorts of moments are the reasons that we have partners in this gig. I have been known to pretty much throw the baby at the husband and scream “I am taking a nap! I don’t care what you do as long as it is not here! Go away!”

    Good luck. xoxo

  2. It must be hard with two kids. Get a sitter occasionally to take a nap. Btw I would have never recommended anything like that before k-man.

  3. Aw, this post completely resonates with me and I admit I am dreading going thru the newborn stage again with Baby #2 (first baby was colicky and needing lots of soothing). I will try to take better care of myself this time around, but it’s extra challenging with two. You are doing a great job, and it will get better! I know a good sitter if you need one.

    • You know, the flip side is that nighttime is snuggle time with Baby Woww. It’s really the only time he gets my undivided attention and it is really nice to have a snuggly baby to counter the toddler circus. Here’s praying you get a cuddly, easygoing baby. You deserve it!

  4. I literally just had a “go ahead and cry” moment in favor of the shower yesterday with my 6-week old. Sorry, kid; mommy’s gotta take a mini-vacation in the shower, or things may get ugly.

  5. I think your hubby and my hubby attended the same fathering school. J always tells me, “You just need to let them cry more…” And I do. Sometimes. But I can still feel that glass in there.

  6. I loved snuggling with my boys…It was my oldest we had to do the rides around in the car with to sooth him–nothing else worked…I fully empathize with you!

    😀 Have a great weekend!

  7. Squeeze in those naps and showers! Blink, and they’re graduating from college, getting married, and having kids of their own – then the real fun begins: grandkids! They start screaming and you just hand them back!

  8. I realize this doesn’t help, but thank you for writing this post to remind me of why we didn’t have a third baby. Just couldn’t take it anymore. But the good news (which you know that you’ve survived one newborn already) is that it DOES get better. And in the meantime, you’re very smart to take a shower when you really want one. For what it’s worth (not that you haven’t already thought of this), I used to put Junius in the bouncy seat with the vibrating thing turned on and plunk him in the bathroom with me while I took a shower (on the floor, not in the shower with me). With baby #2, I’d put Junius (then 2.5) in the shower with me with some toys and let him play in the water while Pippi sat out in the bouncy seat. Less relaxing, but still better than no shower and safer than letting him have free reign in the house.

  9. I feel for you! Mommy doesn’t get her shower around here until Daddy gets home, and sometimes we combine it w/G-man’s bath time so it’s not relaxing at all. If I do get to shower alone, it’s only for about 5-10 minutes because G-man is running around being crazy and baby K needs a bottle/snuggle/change and Daddy only has 2 hands. I guess I could do it during the kids’ nap time, but who wants to waste that golden time on getting clean?! 🙂

  10. I know exactly how you feel! I thought I didn’t have time for a shower when the first one was born, now I have even less time. And privacy has gone completely out the window! My older daughter, now that she can open doors, usually just lets herself in and the younger one comes crawling behind her and they set up shop on the bathroom floor.

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