Oh Baby, Baby!

It’s a wild ride over in the Momsicle household right now because guess what came last Monday?

Daddy is already back at work, the toddler is getting molars, and Mommy looks like this most of the time.

Each day is baptism by chaos (today the car battery died, but mercifully we were right next to Burgerville).

Yet we feel incredibly blessed by our growing family and the new addition. Thank you to family, friends, and readers for your amazing support! Especially family. You’ve saved us.

There’s a lot I’m excited to write about but it might come in the form of a few choppy sentences and some strange photos over the next few weeks. Please stay with us, and help think of a blog name for little brother. 🙂


9 responses to “Oh Baby, Baby!

  1. Huzzah! Welcome back – and so soon! Auntie Fizgig can’t wait to meet #2 in just a couple of weeks xxx

  2. I love finally seeing a pic! Yay!

  3. Blog names for the wee one: Luscious? (I mean, look at him!) Le Milkshake? (So sweet we could eat him right up!)

    Good luck to K-pants with the molars, and to you too!

  4. Congrats on such a lovely baby boy, Ev! We can’t wait to meet him.

  5. Congrats! Beautiful babe you’ve got!

  6. I was thinking that the bundle of joy might have arrived by now. he sure is adorable! Enjoy him to the fullest! And try to get even a little rest. Evie and I miss you guys around 811 for our summertime walks but we’re glad to see how great life is for you guys out west!

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