Where to get Milkshakes in West Portland

My midwife told me this week to cut back on milkshakes. I think I gave her the impression that I have one every day, which is not true. I have about two per month. I eat ice cream every day. A day without ice cream is very, very sad. I really haven’t gained a grossly exaggerated amount of weight, nor do I have gestational diabetes or other sugar issues. It’s just that I was mentioning how K-Pants was a trim 6 lbs. 6 oz. when he was born (the day after his due date), and the following conversation ensued:

  • Midwife: You’ve probably got a 7-pounder in there now, so if you want him under 8 pounds, you should stop the milkshakes.
  • Me: Really?
  • Midwife: Try a fruit smoothie. Do you know what fruit is? Fruit is in season in Oregon during the summer. There are different types of fruit, and you can blend them up and pretend it’s a milkshake.

Finally I know what it’s like to be one of the contestants on the Biggest Loser. Unfortunately this was not my regular midwife, so I won’t be seeing her again (unless she’s on call when I deliver; I’ll know it’s her when I hear, “Let’s get that 8-pound hunk o’ milk fat outta there!”). In the meantime, I’ve put together descriptions of two of my favorite spots to get your cream on. Please add your own recommendations!

The Canyon GrilleSouthwest Portland, Canyon Road

I’ve passed this place for years, but my husband and I just tried it for the first time recently. It was all-out decadence: we did the bacon cheeseburger with blue cheese pecan spread, a swiss and mushroom burger, fries with Grand Canyon sauce, and a raspberry milkshake. It was the one day that week I didn’t take a nap because I was worried I might never get up again after eating this meal. The spot is tiny and it was once Portland’s first Dairy Queen—apparently they’ve had the same phone number since the 1950s. They put real fruit in their milkshakes, so I think I can call that a smoothie, right?

Cool Moon Ice CreameryPearl District

If you live in the area, I’m sure you’ve been here. They make their own ice cream and have been written up quite a bit. Get yourself a shake here. My friend Anne was in town and we went wild and got the large size so that we could each try four different flavors. A milkshake would have muddled things up, but next time… Our big taste winners were the lavender lemon and fiery chocolate. However, you at least have to try the spicy Thai peanut if you go soon. Oh, and between 4­–6 p.m. they have ice cream happy hour with pints for $4.00. What’s not to love about that?

Also try…


Dick’s Kitchen

Skyline Diner


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10 responses to “Where to get Milkshakes in West Portland

  1. I love it! Your play by play interaction with the midwife had me in stitches! So ice cream makes the baby big…huh, guess that is why Mr. T was 9 pounds, 8 ounces! As far as fruit goes- we went to the Beaverton market and Unger had blueberries and raspberries that are probably sweeter than any of the ice cream I have eaten recently. YUM!!

    • I know! Raspberries are totally rocking my world right now. Not to mention cherries. I really should get out that blender to mix the berries up with vanilla frozen yogurt. Any multi-step process just sounds so onerous right now…

  2. I’m going to have to try one of those shakes @ Canyon Grill. I don’t know if they do this…but I love places that give you extra in the silver cup. 🙂 I noticed the Vanilla Creme soda in the background. My hubby LOVES that stuff. He actually got that the other day when we went and I have to say it was a tastier variety than many in my opinion.

    I chuckled reading your conversation with the mid-wife. As annoying as I’d find it too – I bet she says stuff like this b/c she sees people who don’t eat fruit, veggies, etc. Still – sometimes I think – “…Can’t they tell the difference between me and the person they need to say this sort of thing to…?”

    BTW, you look very trim and you exercise – so I say enjoy yourself by indulging in ice cream. 🙂

    • They DO give you the silver cup, and it makes you feel like you’re in the 50s. Plus they top the milkshake with whipped cream. Hello! Meet me there? 🙂

  3. This was HILARIOUS. Three words: low-fat milkshakes.

  4. I think the mid wife you dealt with on that issue was a bit mentally challenged. I wouldn’t worry about it if your doctor isn’t. ‘Nuf said. I was laughing though when I read this. Have a great week!

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